Hey MC Hammer, you should come to London for Searchlove!

Hey Hammer,

I know this sounds crazy, but when I heard you were launching a search engine I thought you were crazy too. Crazy = originality and in my opinion we need more of it :)

A bit about me:

I'm Dave, 28, Canadian living in London, and love working for what I think is one of the coolest SEO agencies in the world. Yes, I dressed up as MC Hammer when I was 8 for Hallowe'en and I even had the Hammertime notebook I used in class.

Why I'm writing to you:

I want you to come to my company's conference (SearchLove) in London, UK on Monday & Tuesday 24th/25th October. I know it's a tight schedule but we'd love to have you! If you can't make it to the conference, we could do a live video Q&A session, or even a Twitter session with some of the most important folks in search (read on to find out who I'm talking about).

If you don't feel like flying across the pond, how about SearchLove New York City? October 31st, November 1st?

What's in it for you:

I can tell you first hand that the UK has some of the best and brightest SEOs in the world - exactly the types of guys and girls you'll need to support your venture and know search inside and out. We eat, sleep and breathe search. We understand what's important, Google's inadequacies and how we can help WireDoo optimise sites for relationship based search.

You want insider information? We're right here, waiting to help you on your new adventure. Some of the biggest names in our industry are going to be at SearchLove and they're a great bunch that will no doubt help you and your partners get a deep understanding of search.

Who you need to meet:

Rand Fishkin - If you're stepping into this game, you absolutely need to know Rand (I noticed you're not following him on Twitter, what are you waiting for?). Rand and his team are responsible for the genius behind SEOMoz and fostering a community of SEOs, marketers and digital professionals that influence millions of people across the world. In my opinion, he's responsible for making our industry popular and keeping it clean.

Will Critchlow - My boss, and somewhat of a visionary. He is one of the co-founders of Distilled and has worked his tail off to form a company that's full of intelligent, innovative people. He's 1/2 of the Critchlow phenomenon (you need to meet Tom too) who have been tirelessly spreading the white hat SEO movement across the world along with SEOMoz & Rand.

Wil Reynolds - Coming all the way from Philly, this guy is probably one of the coolest SEOs/link builders in the world. He's the driving force behind SEERinteractive who, by the way is on fire right now. Want to know how to promote yourself online? Ask Wil, he's the guy who knows the ins and outs of successful online promotion which is going to be critical for WireDoo. Check out Wil's twitter description and tell me you don't need to meet him? "LOVE helping clients grow their biz LOVE building links LOVE helping others in the community LOVE my team LOVE my wife & dog"

Martin MacDonald - He's the guy who can rip anything apart and find out how it ticks. There's going to be a lot of people gunning for you when you get up and running, and you'll need to understand the dirty little tricks they'll be using against you. Have you ever seen catch me if you can? Yes, Leo was the bad guy - but in the end the FBI recruited him because they knew he was a master at his craft.

Joost de Valk - Try to think back to high school for a second, can you remember that one guy who always knew the answer? Not being funny here, this guy just seems to know everything. In my opinion, he's solely responsible for building the first real SEO automation tool (Wordpress SEO plugin) that almost put me out of a job ;) If only you could take his brain and put it in a jar...sadly I think this is illegal.

I'm not going to go on and on here, but I think you get the picture. Us SEOs dissect Google everyday and we are the closest link to figuring out their algorithm, how can you afford not to get involved?


One thing I'd like to point out is that I'm doing this post solo (Distilled had no part in it), and I literally woke up this morning and thought this would be a good idea. I wish I had more time to haras...I mean convince you to come to our conference, but unfortunately I didn't think of this earlier.

So, MC Hammer...Do you want to come? Or if you can't come, would you like to be involved? If you say yes, I will personally pay for your ticket to the conference as my little thank you.

You need to be quick though, because it's this coming Monday & Tuesday! Feel free to get in touch with me via Twitter @dsottimano or by email (david.sottimano@distilled.net) if you'd like to get involved. No hard feelings if you can't make it, and good luck to you in your new venture!


Dave (See ugly mug below)

PS. Other than the folks I mentioned above and the others you already follow, here are some other very important people you should start following on Twitter (to start with):

  1. Richard Baxter
  2. Rishi Lakhani
  3. Dave Naylor
  4. Tom Critchlow
  5. Will Critchlow
  6. SEO Book - Aaron Wall
  7. Danny Sullivan
  8. Patrick Altoft
  9. Rob Kerry
  10. Laura Lippay
  11. Greg Boser
  12. State of Search - Bas van den Beld
  13. Edward Lewis
  14. Jill Whalen
  15. Dr. Pete Myers


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