Announcing the Distilled SearchLove Startups Competition Winner

Ask and you shall receive! After launching the SearchLove Startup Competition on the 22nd of September, Distilled saw a flurry of tweets followed by a huge amount of awesome entries. With so many to choose from it was very hard to pick a clear winner so we didn't - we picked two!

And the Winners Are...

1st Place Winner(s)

Both to receive one free ticket to the upcoming New York SearchLove conference.






2nd Place Winner

Prize: A free set of NY SearchLove SEO Conference Videos.



Why They Won... 

These three companies provided us with awesome entries that really showed they took a lot of time and effort to illustrate how crucial SEO is for their startup. There were interesting stories, creative antidotes, and most importantly some great examples of SEO Win. Here are some of our favourite bits: 

SEO is incorporated into their business

"Our SEO journey has been very exciting, and over the past year, our team has joined forces to work on SEO. We have seen our organic search traffic rise from 29% to almost 40% of all web traffic" - Nerds On Call

"In less than one year, our organic search team expanded from one person to 12. Knowing relatively nothing about search marketing, our organic team has embraced education and expanded in personal growth, while each member specializes in various elements of SEO to make our team whole and complete." - OneClick Ventures

"I quickly learned that it was one thing to know that getting links was important or on-page optimization was important, and an altogether different thing executing these concepts across a site with tens of thousands of important pages." - SeatGeek

Creative Ideas

"We are in the process of creating local profiles on our website for each city in which we have a physical location. We are going to use local keyword optimization to capture organic search queries for those cities." - Nerds On Call

"On Twitter, we use TweetDeck to search for people who are having computer problems and @mention them helpful tips. On Quora, we find people who have questions about their PC or laptop and give them free advice. Sometimes we find ways to link back to our blog, or homepage, and sometimes we don't, but we use social media to expand and promote our brand. " Nerds on Call 

"After our first Summer Internship program in 2010, and in particular our story on Where A-Rod was going to hit his 600th homerun, we started to truly appreciate the potential of organic traffic with the vast amounts of long-tail terms people were hitting this story on – which wasn’t even intended to be a piece that would bring in search traffic, but rather links and press (which we also got on NY Times and several other major publications." - SeatGeek

Examples of Awesomeness

"For our six most popular stores, organic visits increased 257%, conversion rates increased 550%, and organic revenue increased 546%." - OneClick Ventures

"We experienced a 645% increase in organic traffic. With that traffic we were able to achieve a 964% increase in organic conversions" - SeatGeek

"Our SEO journey has been very exciting, and over the past year, our team has joined forces to work on SEO. We have seen our organic search traffic rise from 29% to almost 40% of all web traffic." - Nerds on Call

Some quotes we just had to include

"Leaders push their team members to be on the forefront of the SEO field, and we’re proud of working hard to be the best SEOs we can." - OneClick Ventures

"Nerds On Call does link building by having an amazing company. People love to talk about things that they love, so we do everything possible to make people fall in love with us!  Before we create a piece of link bait we require it to be extremely beneficial to our customers. This way, even if we don't get a lot of links from our project, our customers are still happy, and that makes us happy." - Nerds on Call

"I don’t always drink juice, but when I do, I prefer mR 7 link juice (not all links are created equal – spending 5x time getting one link might be more important than spending x time getting 10 links)" - Seat Geek

"The de-indexing was probably my most engrossing singular SEO experience at SG. Obviously it sucked a lot at the time, but it did have a cool positive takeaway in that (a) we didn’t suffer long-term damage and (b) served as material for a post on the seomoz blog. So maybe it was the best unintentional meta-seo play of all time." - SeatGeek Co-Founder Jack

Thanks To All The Great Entries

Thank you again to everyone that entered. As we said it was very hard to chose a winner and inspirational to see what a positive impact SEO is on the startup industry. We would still love to see you at SearchLove in NY on the 31st if you are able to make it. Tickets are on sale  until the 25th of October. 

If you need help convincing your boss try this: SearchLove persuade your Boss PDF 

 If that doesn't work there is always Mr. Fishkin. 

We hope to see you there!

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