PubCon Keynote Review: Social Media is Not New

There is a huge trend in search conferences today - and that is social media. It's the new hot and hip thing. Have you hired your Director of Social Media yet?

Distilled utilizes social media for marketing and link building all the time. Here's the thing: It's not new.

I'm listening to the second keynote presentation at PubCon in Las Vegas with Scott Stratten, Chris Brogan, Sarah Evans, and Brian Clark. Smart people all talking about social media and how it's impacting our world. The session started with this video. If you haven't seen it yet, please watch.

Scott made the best point though, social media is just communication. It's not a fad, it's the same thing we have been doing for a long time ... in a different box.

The next good point was that there is no perfect way to utilize social media, it's different for everyone. Like I said in my landing page optimization panel, everyone has a different conversion. You have to know what your company is looking for from each part of the marketing plan. Make it yours. But don't join in until you know what you want to get out of it. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Customer Interaction
  2. Gain New Business
  3. Brand Recognition

Brian Clark said that Social is a better investment than SEO. I agree with one small edit to that line of thinking. SEO is Social, Social is SEO, they need each other and they are each other. Search Optimization is there to get your information to the people looking for it. Social is there to connect consumers in all parts of the funnel to each other and the business. Those consumers need information and products, and the website needs people to talk about the company. Holistic search marketing is really where it is at.

This panel talked about so much more (you can see a live blog of the session here) but those are the real takeaways from my perspective. Social media isn't new, but it is a big deal. Communication is a big deal for your business and for your website. Your customers are your greatest ally in search marketing.

Remember to have your goal(s) in mind before you get there and track them. Strategy is important with any kind of communication. With social you need to integrate your business, website, and sales goals all at the same time. It's all about the holistic approach.

The session ended with "don't go buy our books (PS we are book signing later :P) ... stop looking for the next big thing ... go execute and focus on your business." Thanks guys, great panel.

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