Smarter Facebook pages for social success

So a while back Facebook reached out to Distilled and asked us to help them create a video to teach business owners how to optimise their Facebook Page for improved search results. After months of hard work from our team (shout out to Phil Nottingham, Hannah Smith, and Tom Critchlow) the video is now live on Facebook: SEO for Facebook pages

Whether you have a large Facebook account with multiple 1000s of fans, or are just starting out in building your community, it's  important to get your Facebook page ranking well in the search engines and they asked us to help show you how to do that.

We set out to do was create a really useful video for anyone to be able to follow, whether you're an experienced SEO or brand new to social media. This wasn't about delivering a list of the latest tips and tricks, we decided to focus on creating an accessible video full of solid business advice that anyone could, and should, implement. You can check out the final product here on Facebook.

If you've read much on our blog recently you'll know that we believe in a content led strategy for online wins. You'll also know our thoughts on the convergence of search and social as tactics, Rob wrote about the impact of social signals just the other day.

In our opinion:

"Exceptional Content + Active Social Communities = Long-Term Success"

It makes sense to ensure you're leveraging every brand "outpost" you have and maximising the effect of resource commitment to creating great content and managing these communities. This video is a free resource aimed at helping you do just that, but we also decided take it a little step further and have created a dedicated page for helping you make the most of your Facebook brand presence,  how to better integrate your page with your main website and how to generate great content for it.

We had a lot of fun creating this video and really hope this is a helpful beginners resource for business owners. 

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