Wordpress SEO at Wordcamp Seattle

This weekend I had an amazing time at WordCamp Seattle, a local WordPress conference put on by the guys who run the local WordPress Meetup. The conference covered everything WordPress including themes, development, and yes SEO. A huge thanks to  all of the organizers of WordCamp Seattle.

Justin Briggs at WordCamp Seattle

I had chance to present on WordPress SEO on Saturday, which I think is the most fun I’ve ever had presenting before. It was recorded, so the video should be coming, but for now here are the slides.

My Presentation

Trending Fun

Trending in Seattle

The most exciting moment of the event for me was when I ended up trending on Twitter in Seattle! A huge thanks to everyone for taking time to tweet about my presentation. I recommend looking back through the #wcsea tweets for lots of useful nuggets from WordCamp Seattle.

Upcoming Presentations

A little shameless plug here, but I’ll be speaking at the upcoming Pro SEO in Boston and at SMX Advanced in Seattle on link building. A topic I love, so I’ll be working hard to “bring it” at both of these conference.

If you need more convincing, here are some of my favorite tweets from this weekend:

It was great meeting everyone at Wordcamp. If I didn’t get a chance to speak with you yet, say hi on Twitter.

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  1. Easily the best presentation I went to at WC . . . went home with a bunch of new tools to put into practice for myself and my clients. Thanks for bringin' it.

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  2. Justin

    Hey Stacey,

    Thank you! I tried hard to bring something useful for everyone. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Do you make it to the meetups often? I'm hoping to make it to another one soon.

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  3. If so I'll be sure to say howdy.

    I'm new-ish to the area (moved down from Bellingham last year) so I only heard about the meetup around the same time I heard about WC. Stoked to know there's one so close. Will be there May 12 and as often as I can make it out.

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  4. Meir

    Hi Justin

    This looks interesting but for some reason, the presentation (on slideshare) breaks on page 13 saying something about conversion error.

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  5. Justin

    Hi Meir,

    It seems SlideShare's embed has been acting weird, I notice it doesn't load properly sometimes. It's currently working ok for me. If you keep having issues, let me know, and I can email you over the slide deck.

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  6. Nice job Justin! I got a lot from your slides alone - can’t wait for the version with audio. Not to be picky, but your slide 8 on Passing Link Value isn’t quite right. Remember that there is a damping factor in the PageRank algorithm so the numbers in the right two boxes should be lower (I get about 45 and 42.6 for the values using linear calculations). You can see more of what I’m talking about at my blog post on how to calculate PageRank at http://www.inceptor.com/blog/2011/04/google%E2%80%99s-pagerank-calculation-examples/.

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