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I know from our recent PR seminar feedback (by the way, you can now buy the ebook for only £25: how to make PR work online) that many people in the PR industry and especially those working in-house are interested in the best ways of distributing press releases online. Obviously you will want to engage directly with your journalist contacts and send them press releases directly when they are interested, but there is also a need to syndicate most releases and send them out on the newswires. What's the best way of doing this?

First, the benefits of syndicating your release:

1. it might actually get picked up by journalists directly from the newswires (try to make your headline good to increase the chances) 2. dedicated bloggers often use online news sources to find inspiration for new stories - it can be very hard work consistently coming up with new content when you don't have the resources of a large publication 3. you can gain exposure through news channels that perform automated scans of the newswires and syndicate relevant content (and this gives you another shot at getting in front of journalists) 4. many of the newswires let you control links and anchor text, giving you some immediate links back to your (client's) website and increasing the chance of you getting the links you want in any editorial content generated

##So how do you syndicate your press release?

I would actually like to get some input here about other services that people have found useful. I believe, like almost everything online, there will be large differences in effectiveness for different sources in different industries and kinds of story and that, like all of these things, the importance of trial and measurement can't be overstated. First, our experiences:

- We have had the most success with PRWeb who offer a number of pricing models, from the basic $80 option (which allows links, but no control of anchor text), through the $200 option (with control of anchor text) up the all-singing, all-dancing $360 option (with 'additional social media features' - essentially social bookmarking links, 'digg this' buttons and tagging). We have tried all three of these options and got the best results for the money with the $200 option - controlling the anchor text is very useful, but the additional features of the most expensive option weren't that useful for us as we did our own social media marketing. If your story is very strong, with a compelling enough headline to help you get it picked up by journalists who contact you for more information, the basic option might well be enough, as any hyperlinks would be included from fresh anyway. - I have been impressed by the features offered in webitpr's social media release - from PR blogger's new company but haven't had a project opportunity to try it out yet - Other paid newswire services include PR newswire (which I have heard some good things about but don't have first-hand experience of) and Business newswire - There are also free services, such as i-newswire - as with anything though, I think to some degree you get what you pay for

If you have used any of the services above, or indeed any others, and have a case study you can share, please leave us a comment and I'll include any good ones here in the main article (and if you let us know your website address, you'll even get a link).

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