Think Visibility March 2011, The Jaamit Award & Pick n Mix

It doesn’t seem five minutes since I was sitting on the train back from Leeds writing the last review of Think Visibility in September. Once again it has been a great weekend and one of my favourite UK conferences, the fact that it is held over a weekend makes a big difference to the attendees I think.  Everyone genuinely wants to be at the conference to learn new stuff and meet new people, they wouldn’t give up their weekend otherwise!

This time around I was fortunate enough to be asked to speak on the topic of link building.  This was sandwiched in the middle of my talks last week at SES London and the Distilled Link Building Seminar which is in two weeks.  Big thanks to Dom for asking me to speak again and thanks to all of you who came.

You can see the slides below (with a few slides taken out).  My talk was centered around finding link building techniques for sites that had been submitted by the audience.  It was a lot of fun working on these sites and I hopefully gave some new ideas to them.

There were a few ideas I gave away and one which generated the most questions afterwards was the tool / scraper that I built to get the websites of your Twitter followers.  You can see the slides for this below but I’ll also be doing a follow up post very soon on this blog with more details on how to do this yourselves and build your own scraper.  For now, I’d point you towards this great post by Tom which talks about using Google Docs to scrape the web.  My own tool was based on the same techniques that Tom talks about.

Other Coverage -

  • Pete over at Vertical Leap has written up a summary of the presentations that he attended which is well worth a read
  • There is also this very cool tool called Social Enhancer which has recored who tweeted and what throughout the weekend
  • Kieron Hughes at Pushon also live blogged the sessions here
  • You should also check out the photos from Steven aka Sk8geek over on Flickr

The Jaamit Award

For me, this Think Vis will be remembered as the one where the Jaamit Award was announced.  Dom and his team worked on coming up with an idea to always remember Jaamit and recognise his huge contribution to the industry.  The Jaamit Award was the result and is an annual award and each year a new challenge will be set for someone to complete.

The first winner of the Jaamit Award was Rhys Wynne for winning the competition placed in the Think Visibility Robot.txt file.  Here is a picture of Rhys with his award.

On a personal note, I wanted to say well done to everyone involved in making this idea happen.  It is a very fitting way for us to remember Jaamit and everything he did for the SEO community.

Dom announced that Jaamit’s donation page had so far raised over £3,000, I felt very proud to be part of the SEO community that had done this.  We then saw a recorded video message from Jaamit’s wife Negar which was very moving, the feeling in the room was one which I’m finding hard to describe.  Suffice to say, it was emotional.

There is also which has been setup in memory of Jaamit by Alex Moss which Jaamit originally helped to get going.  All proceeds from this site will also be donated to the fund.

My Presentation Slides

Here they are with a few edited out, I’ll be doing a follow up post soon on some of the techniques I talked about.

Pick n Mix

I couldn’t write about the conference without making reference to the pick n mix :)

Great idea Dom!

Paddy Moogan

Paddy Moogan

There’s only one Paddy Moogan and he joined Distilled after spending over two years running marketing campaigns at another web design and development agency. Before that he studied Law at Coventry University where he spent more time learning about...   read more

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  1. Hey Rhys, congrats for winning the Jaamit award!

    reply >
  2. No mention of Hobo's accident though :)

    reply >
  3. Thanks for slides Paddy - I enjoyed your session the most and got shitloads of my own notes but the slides help! I agree that Think Visibility is one of those conferences you want to be at - Dom and the team do a great job!

    reply >
  4. Looks like I missed out on a great presentation there Paddy! Thanks for putting the slides up though. Will you be there in September?

    reply >
  5. Have to say that your session was probably my favourite of the day. Picked up a few gems that I've already started looking at.

    One question. Google Docs seems to have a limit of 50 ImportXML lookups per sheet/doc. Have you found a way around this with the twitter stuff? I have a few twitter accounts with thousands of "friends" and it seems like the only solution would be to copy & paste the data 50 at a time which is a bit off a ball ache, especially as I've scraped Alex ranking & num. of inlinks which are likely to change.

    If you have a word around please let me know :)

    reply >
  6. Thanks for the mention Paddy! Hope we can drive help some more brands out with their competitions.i

    reply >
  7. I think Shauns Rock'n'Roll antics are being posted about quite a bit elsewhere.

    Good chatting to you Paddy and thanks for a great presentation

    reply >
  8. Actually did you have a demo file you where going to share that colates the twitter user links? If so could you email me that please - I´m slowly learning the xpath expressions.


    reply >
  9. Great write-up Paddy! Your session was very useful to me, especially as link-building is an area that I need to do a lot of learning in. I guess there is a lot of lateral thinking required, and realising that makes a heap of difference, so thanks for indirectly pointing that out!

    reply >
  10. Hey Paddy,

    Just wanted to A. Congratulate you again officially on a wonderful and insightful Link Building talk. I don't expect anything less from the awesome team @Distilled.

    B. To say thank you for sharing the link to Tom's post for the Google Docs setup to scrape the web. Your idea to use your social media following for a targeted link building campaign is genius. Loved it.

    See you at the next Think Visibility buddy!

    reply >
  11. Rachelle Anderson

    Congratulations on a successful link building presentation at Think Vis, Paddy! And to Rhys for winning the Jaamit Award as well. Keep up the work guys! :)

    reply >

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