The Power of Trusted Domains - A Case Study

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog post entitled Facebook - Who’s Doing Your SEO? where I basically said two things:

  1. Facebook could dramatically improve their organic traffic by placing a sensible internal linking structure between public profiles
  2. By linking to your public profile you can get control of another listing in the search results
I now know both of these things to be true! Within that post I put a link to my public profile. It’s the only link I know of anywhere online and already it ranks above the Tom Critchlow page on the Distilled site!

tom critchlow public google listing

This is a classic example of how Google treats trusted domains. My public profile page has no links to it from anywhere on the Facebook site, not a single one. That means that Google is unable to my profile page unless there are some external links to the page. Once it does, however, Google recognises this page as being on the facebook domain thus giving it trust and enable the page to rank well.

How long before we see John Poker Smith ranking in the SERPs? Or Paris Buy-Viagra Hilton? (Muhammad Saleem from Pronet covers the Facebook spam angle briefly here)

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  1. Nathania

    I wonder if facebook prefers not having internal linking. People are becoming more aware of their public profiles being viewed by potential employers. maybe facebook prefers to not have its members found on google as easily as say myspace - then it becomes a better choice and not a resume site.

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  2. Interesting. My public listing doesn't show in the first five pages of search results even though I'm linking to it from my blog's about page.

    It does if I use "stephen davies" and "facebook" however. Probably because I have such a well-used Anglo Saxon name.

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  3. @Nathania: That's possible, though if they actually don't want them to be found, they probably need to do more than just not link to them internally (a noindex etc. at the very least). I think people need to be a whole lot more aware that their public profiles are just that - public!

    @Stephen: Must be because you are so highly visible elsewhere... Incidentally, I saw you in PR Week - nice write-up for you guys.

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