The Power of Slideshare for Inbound Marketing

As online marketers we’re always looking for that secret something that’s going to give us the edge over competitors. Recently I had a breakthrough moment inspired by Rand. I watched his recent presentation on “presentation tips” over on slideshare and was struck by this slide:

Making Presentations Better
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I thought, why the hell not right? Seems like a no-brainer to upload my presentations somewhere online so that I can access them and they might even get a little bit more exposure too. Little did I know that it would lead to some awesome results. I started posting all my presentations to slideshare and after posting my latest one I got this email:

Here’s the presentation:

For those curious (and SEOmoz PRO members) you can watch the whole webinar over on SEOmoz: SEO for startups).

So What Can We Learn?

So after being featured on the homepage of Slideshare my presentation received over 30k views which is excellent exposure for a webinar that initially reached a few thousand.

Lesson 1 - Consider active communities like slideshare as great places to get exposure and reach.

But there’s another lesson here too:

Lesson 2 - If you’re a site that manages UGC don’t forget to feature things your users content. Your users can promote your site for you and little touches like emailing them when you feature them can make a big difference.

Everyone’s Doing It

Don’t just take my word for it - everyone’s doing it. There’s some astonishingly good presentations on Slideshare right now completely free from some of the best people out there. Check these out:

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  1. Well done Tom! The list of slideshows you provided are also very informative - I went through all of them!

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  2. 30k? Talk about exposure! Thanks for embedding the other slides. Lots of great information in those. The slides are embedded in flash so I'm pretty sure links within the slides don't count - yet. Do you think at some point in the future they may?

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  3. This is indeed a great series of decks. Absolutely brilliant. Thanks very much for sharing them - we'll, that's my weekend gone then ;-)

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  4. Great post there Tom, the slideshows have been really educative. Indeed there are numerous ways of conducting inbound marketing.

    Erick Kinuthia
    Team MDwebpro

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  5. Just came across this post. Great summary, Tom! I've been researching the power of SlideShare, and experimenting with a few different ways to create eye-catching decks. It's definitely worth identifying your successful content and repurposing into a SlideShare pres.

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