The modern SEO’s toolkit - my rant about learning to code

## Spoiler alert:

What follows is my searchlove deck. If you are joining us in NYC next week (and you should be) you probably don't want to spoil it by reading my deck just yet.

However, I'm sharing it now because it contains a bunch of links and resources and I know that people are very keen to check out. Without further ado, here is my rant about how every technical SEO should be capable of building their own hacky little tools and combining existing tools to do new things. Enjoy:

PS I'd love to hear any feedback on speakerdeck (the tool I have used to embed this presentation). I love it - I think it's really pretty - but I'd love to hear what you think. If you want to follow the links in the presentation, I recommend downloading the PDF as the easiest way of doing that.

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