Submit SEO Problems For Distilled To Solve

Howdy Distilled fans - this is just a short post. We're looking to try out a new format for blog posts in the near future where we either do a video or screencast to go through some more practical examples and problems that websites face. We want to make sure our advice is dealing with real issues that people face so to help us do that I've created this handy little form to allow anyone to ask us a question!

So, if you have an SEO problem that you'd like to see discussed just drop us a question via this form. Please note the following important disclaimers:

  1. Only submit questions that you don't mind us discussing publicly
  2. We won't answer every single question, we'll only select a few to answer on the blog. If you want to make sure you get a response either contact us or submit an SEOmoz Q&A
  3. Make it interesting!

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