The Best SEO Halloween Costumes

As All Hallows’ Eve approaches, I’ve put together a round up of the best Halloween costumers for SEOs.

White Hat

Hubble bubble, toil and trouble,
Build some links, watch traffic double.

Halloween White Hat

Black Hat

“I’ve been a naughty Black Hat. I need to be penalised.”

Halloween Black Hat


“Nothing can stop me, nothing! Mwha ha ha!”
“(OK, except a strategically placed text file.)”

Halloween Robot


Itsy bitsy Spider, crawling my domain
Found duplicate content, all titles looked the same.
We got rid of the problems (I’ve got the devs to thank)
Now Itsy Bitsy Spider is going to help me rank.

Halloween Spider


Don’t feed the trolls!
But do buy them a beer - they’re hilarious after about three pints.

Halloween Troll


Canine minions: bow before your masked saviour - Spam Man!

Halloween Spam


Firefox is offering you an add-on. Do you want to accept?

Halloween Firefox


OMG! It’s Party Guy! (I heard he never lasts more than 10 minutes.)

Halloween Youtube

Thanks to Kapten, Laenulfean, sea turtle, NataPics, Katiemeigs, rbatina, davefishernc and Adam Crowe for CC Licensed images.

Rob Ousbey

Rob Ousbey

Rob joined Distilled’s London office in 2008 as an SEO Consultant. Over the years, he’s developed and executed SEO strategy for clients from small businesses to large organizations, and managed Distilled’s Reputation Management projects, where he’s...   read more

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  1. Rob

    I knew I'd forget one! Duplicate Content:

    reply >
  2. :-D Haha - awesome Rob. I think we should have fancy-dress in the office on friday so we can try some of these out!

    reply >
  3. Dr. Pete

    I love how Awesome Party Guy only ranks himself 1-1/2 stars on his imaginary YouTube comments and then flames himself. He also gets 10 bonus points for the fake 1st comment:

    "That vid made me LOL in my pants!!"

    reply >
  4. ROFL. Thats all. ROFL.

    reply >
  5. And how vid guy's total video time is 06:66. Nice.

    reply >
  6. I really liked photos of the Black Hat and the spider!

    Huahuahauhauhua...nice pics, Bob! ;)

    reply >
  7. In 2004 I went as Yahoo!. My costume was a life size exclamation point "suit" made out of dense camping foam. I couldn't sit down, but it was worth it.

    In 2008 my SEO team and I went as "(search engine) traffic directors" with hard hats, yellow vests, robots.txt street signs and all.

    Fun times!

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  8. Suddenly I'd like to get some duplicate content!

    reply >
  9. I lol'ed.

    reply >
  10. hahahahhaha great photos, black hat never looked so tempting :)

    reply >
  11. Pretty cool looking page/party! Some guys just know how to have a good time. I have never understood that most interesting man in the world commercial. This costume party looks more interesting than he is.

    reply >
  12. gina

    Nice! Im gonna go as a Facebook profile- thats after I go and watch SAW 6 though, I heard it was the best movie this month!

    reply >
  13. Duplicate content has quite the snarl to them.

    reply >
  14. Great topical post guys!



    reply >
  15. A large part of me wishes I didn't understand all of that perfectly :(

    reply >
  16. Nice ranking (#4) for 'halloween costumes' - quick monetize that traffic!!

    reply >
  17. Amy

    I LOVE the Spam one. I'm stealing this picture for use when spammers strike on my forum!

    Someone once came as a GameBoy to one of my Halloween parties.

    reply >
  18. Rob,
    Your post inspired me to create an SEO Halloween costumes post of my own (apologies in advance for calling your ideas boring).

    Check it out if you want --



    reply >
  19. This is fantastic! Great ideas! I think I'll go as duplicate content this year, but I'll be the more sinister variety where I'll just copy someone else's costume.

    reply >
  20. I love techy search humor!!!

    reply >
  21. If I'm the Google Sandbox this year, does that mean I can get out of going to any Halloween parties?

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  22. Splendid! I am very much smitten by the modesty of the Youtube guy!

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  23. Wonderful post dude. The YouTube costume hits right in the target this Halloween. :)

    reply >
  24. jana

    Does anyone know if SAW VI is out on DVD yet? I wanna go as one of the characters

    reply >
  25. Fancy Dress

    These are so cute! :) I think I know what I'm gona dress up as next Halloween: Google Bot! :D

    reply >
  26. A really original kind of SEO humor!It's about all the SEO should be done - with the smile and satisfaction!Great post!

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  27. fancy dress

    All great images! the YouTube guy certainly get the award for most creative costume. Don't think i've ever seen one like it!

    All we need now is someone come up with a dress to act as twitter posts and the likes of Facebook etc.

    Great post and great images!


    reply >
  28. Duplicate content rofl - my favorite :) great photos !

    reply >
  29. Apple Fan

    Gotta love the Spam one. I’m stealing this picture for use when spammers strike on my forum!

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  30. Hey all, I did my version of this post. Most notably featuring "Sexy Matt Cutts". I linked back to your post of course:


    reply >
  31. No anchor or cloak costumes....? ;-)

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