The Best SEO Halloween Costumes

As All Hallows' Eve approaches, I've put together a round up of the best Halloween costumers for SEOs.

White Hat

Hubble bubble, toil and trouble,
Build some links, watch traffic double.

Halloween White Hat

Black Hat

"I've been a naughty Black Hat. I need to be penalised."

Halloween Black Hat


"Nothing can stop me, nothing! Mwha ha ha!"
"(OK, except a strategically placed text file.)"

Halloween Robot


Itsy bitsy Spider, crawling my domain
Found duplicate content, all titles looked the same.
We got rid of the problems (I've got the devs to thank)
Now Itsy Bitsy Spider is going to help me rank.

Halloween Spider


Don't feed the trolls!
But do buy them a beer - they're hilarious after about three pints.

Halloween Troll


Canine minions: bow before your masked saviour - Spam Man!

Halloween Spam


Firefox is offering you an add-on. Do you want to accept?

Halloween Firefox


OMG! It's Party Guy! (I heard he never lasts more than 10 minutes.)

Halloween Youtube

Thanks to Kapten, Laenulfean, sea turtle, NataPics, Katiemeigs, rbatina, davefishernc and Adam Crowe for CC Licensed images.

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