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Recently there has been quite a stir within the SEO community with people seeing a huge dominance of wikipedia in the Google search results (Graywolf has been one of the more vocal critics recently with a whole load of posts - although he's been writing about it for some time).

But don't just take Greywolf's word for it - there's plenty of articles about this, most notably recently the google cache wrote about how 96.6% of wikipedia articles rank in the top 10 of google.

It has been noticed outside the world of SEO as well - PR Blogger has just written an analysis of Fortune 100 companies' wikipedia pages.

##Remove Wikipedia from Google for Good

Here at Distilled, it's something that came up in conversation a few times, so we decided to do something about it - we have created a Firefox search plugin that enables you to search Google without getting wikipedia results. We call it 'Google without wikipedia' and if you're running Firefox, you should be able to install it by clicking here.

(If that doesn't work, you can download the files you need and add them manually to your search plugins folder: google-wikipedia.src and google-wikipedia.png.)

Once installed - simply search from your firefox search box:

firefox search witout wikipedia

And you'll get Google - only without any wikipedia results!

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