Rapid Protoyping with the SEOmoz API

I am out in Seattle for the SEOmoz PRO seminar (don't forget to come to the London seminar!) where the second day has kicked off with two of the best presentations I've seen in a long time from Seth Besmertnik from Conductor and Wil Reynolds from Seer Interactive. Feeling the pressure a little bit for my session on Sexy Reporting this afternoon, I thought I'd share one extra tip.

I often need to build a quick n' dirty bit of analysis of link data. Since the exports from Open Site Explorer only pull 10,000 links at a time, I look to pull data out of the SEOmoz API and dump it into Excel.

This little bash script (which needs the domain and credentials inputting) lets you quickly pull backlink data:

( for i in {1..250}; do curl "http://lsapi1.seomoz.com/linkscape/links/XXXXXXXXXXX?Filter=external&SourceCols=133982846973&TargetCols=133982846973&Sort=page_authority&AccessID=XXXXXXXXXXX&Expires=XXXXXXXXXXX&Signature=XXXXXXXXXXX&Scope=page_to_domain&Limit=5&Offset=$((i100))&"; done ) | tr "}" "n" | perl -pe "s/[][]//g" | perl -pe "s/,{//g" | perl -pe "s/"[^"]"://g" | perl -pe "s/^{//g" >> output.csv

I'll be talking a little bit about doing stuff with this in my presentation later today, including decoding bitflags in Excel.

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