Organique SEO Tips

I'd just sat down to write my blog post, when a postcard arrived from Will, Lucy and Tom. It was sent from their holiday in France, where they were thoughtful enough to mail in some international SEO advice! And so:

SEO Postcard

In case you have any trouble reading it (or if the sight of Comic Sans was enough to make you disable your images) it reads:

Dear Rob,

3 things rural France has taught us:

  1. The internet has a long way to go, no iPhones, computers only at work, organic search = looking for tomatoes for lunch
  2. Local keyword research is crucial. Dictionary says organic = biologique. People say (& search for) organique.
  3. "Big" spiders make Tom scream like a girl.

Love Will, Tom Lucy xx


So, useful advice from the rest of the SEO team, even when they're relaxing!

Similarly, I remember being taught the use of the phrase 'les baladeurs cassette' at school, but finding that everyone in France just called it 'le Walkman'.

France has particularly cheap broadband, (this 2007 article puts it about 15% the cost in the UK) but like many other countries, particularly in Europe, this is juxtaposed with large rural swathes of the country that are barely connected.

I guess that if you want to reach those people, internet marketing may not be the most effective way.

Wish you were here! Rob xx

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