Link Building Tips for Startups - A New Free Appsumo Video

One of the biggest reasons I love working at Distilled is because I get to share information widely and help spark discussion, learning and engagement. Whether it’s blogging, presenting or tweeting. So when Appsumo came knocking I couldn’t resist the opportunity to record a video with them.

Actually I did two. The first one is here: Google Docs Unleashed. You can read the supporting guide to importxml here.

The second one has just gone live, it’s an hour long video interview between myself and the awesome Paul Hontz from The Startup Foundry and is free to download for 24 hours:

Link Building Tips for Startups - get it here

Here’s the first teaser sample from the full hour long video:

And here’s the second sample of me talking about using tools as a link building strategy:

The video is free to access today for 24 hours. Go grab it now!

Resources and Further Reading

If you’re looking for more awesome information on SEO, link building in general or marketing for startups generally I recommend the following: If any startups are reading this and want help figuring out SEO and link building - drop a comment or a tweet. I love helping out startups :)

Edit: I had the wrong link in the post initially - sorry about that. The link is updated to the correct one which allows you to grab the video for free.

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  1. David Skaggs

    Hey - can you help me find it for FREE - they are charging for the video - when i click your link.

    reply >
  2. PHBeagle

    I just checked on this deal and its actually $25, not free. But still looks like a great investment.

    reply >
  3. Tom Critchlow

    Hey guys, sorry about the confusion - the original post had the wrong link in. The correct link above should get you the video for free.

    reply >
  4. Steven V

    Was it Steve or were you nervous during the interview. You were talking quickly throughout & made it slightly hard to follow. If so, Steve understands. Most likely do the same … 

    Or could be just not used to that speed. Either way, cheers (^ ^)

    reply >
  5. Tom Critchlow

    @Steve - ha, I wasn't nervous, it's just that I talk crazy fast at all times :) see my other videos for a flavor or how fast I speak!

    reply >
  6. I ended up paying the $25, but it was well worth it at about $.50 per minute ;)

    reply >
  7. Clicked the link but the offer wasnt free was $25. Ending up paying it in the end but have ot say it was well worth it very high quality content there.

    reply >

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