A JS Bookmarklet To Instantly Check Page Traffic

This post is short, simple and useful.

Check Traffic For The Page You're On

A common situation I find myself in - you're reviewing a site and you land on a page and you think to yourself "I wonder how much traffic this page gets and I wonder where it comes from?" so you have to open up Google Analytics, filter through the pages report and find the URL. This post lets you do that process in one click.

Step 1: Put your GA profile id into this box

Say what? Which ID? Log into the Google Analytics profile you want to use and then copy and paste the number in the URL. It should look a little like this:

Copy and paste that number into this box:

Step 2: Drag and drop this JS bookmarklet into your bookmarks

GA Page Lookup

Note: the above link includes your GA profile id and is automagically updated based on the number you put in the box. Jquery! Magic!

When you click the bookmarklet on a page you'll instantly be taken to Google Analytics on a page like this:

Step 3: Confused? Check out this 46 second video

This video walks you through exactly how to use the JS bookmarklet!

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PS - in case you want the link and the above jquery magic is broken for some reason the URL I'm opening is simply this:


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