International webmaster central - maybe I get it now

I had a post all written asking "Does all the stuff that has been written about webmaster central apply to all the countries they've rolled it out to?".

We had been seeing, across our own website and a number of our clients' websites in the UK, a woeful under-counting of links. In the interview with Matt Cutts that Rand did at SMX, there was a discussion around providing good link data and both Rand and Matt seemed happy that webmaster central was giving that now. At the time, I logged in, had a look round and left (again) as it was not showing interesting data for our UK-based sites.

For example, one of our clients has a page with over 100 inlinks according to Yahoo! (we saw most of them arrive, through Reputation Monitor since it's a new page so we know they are real) but had none according to Google's webmaster tools. Now, we know that Google knew about those links really because some are highly topical, timely and relevant and as a result, Google is ranking this particular page quite well.

So my post was a big "what's going on, Google?", but as I just logged in to find some numbers to back up my argument, I discovered loads of data! All of a sudden, a bunch of our sites have useful data across all pages. Suddenly, I realise what all the fuss is about and the distribution of links, in particular, to different pages is a very nice way of seeing how all your pages are faring.

I think I need to polish my tinfoil hat. The borg is watching me...

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