Important post for UK search (or anyone outside the US)

Everyone know who Matt Cutts is?

As one of the highest-profile Googlers to SEOs (he heads up Google's anti-spam team and has made himself the person to ask about all kinds of search, indexing and penalty issues (if you can get to him! Hi Cuttlets!).

Pretty much everyone in SEO reads his blog, so it's not normally worth shouting about things he writes, but he has just put out a call for international bugs at Google. Now, he doesn't mean things like:

> my website doesn't rank well in the UK, waaaaaaaah

but true internationalisation issues - things like currencies handled incorrectly, geolocation issues (websites being identified as in a particular country or not erroneously) etc.

If you have anything like that - perhaps you've been sitting on it for a while wondering what to do with it - head on over to his post and leave a comment with an example query that highlights the issue.

This is a really valuable forum to raise these kinds of issues in as Matt is going to be sitting down with search engineers so real issues are very likely to get a real working over.

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