I’m an SEO dark lord (apparently)

SEOMoz have released another beautiful piece of linkbait. It is both beautiful to look at and very nicely executed: SEO quiz. But then I would say that because they have played to my ego perfectly. I got 93% making me an SEO 'dark lord':

SEO Dark Lord - 93%

Are you an SEO Expert?

I'm not too disappointed to have missed out on full marks (OK, I'm a little disappointed), but of the questions I got wrong, one had the following in the explanation:

> This is a tough question, and the answer is even somewhat debatable

Needless to say, I would debate that one...

Another was on the definition of SEO versus SEM. There were two sensible answers (one having SEM as a superset of SEO including PPC and one having SEM effectively meaning PPC). I have heard it used both ways and picked a different one to the 'mozzers.

Ah well. It'll do.

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