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At our recent Linklove conference (did you see that the videos are now on sale?) I talked about the challenges of getting to exceptional but the extreme rewards available online for those that make it. You can check out my full slidedeck below.

As part of the thinking I had to do in order to pull this presentation together, I put a load of effort into two things:

1. how to carry out a realistic evaluation of where a company's gaps lie and where there are opportunities to cultivate "spikes of amazingness" 2. a methodology for improvement based on applying elements of lean startup and agile to the marketing mix (I came up with "Discover, Pitch, Experiment, Invest")

I took the evaluation process and turned it into a self-assessment survey. If you'd like us to pull together a (free) brief report based on this evaluation methodology, start here.

We got hundreds of people signing up for this evaluation so unfortunately the free review offer is now closed. If you'd like our consultants to take a look at your site, you can drop us a line here.

(Note that depending on the volume of submissions, it might take us a little while to get back to you, but we'll try to keep you up to date throughout the process).

The output is a heat chart showing areas needing improvement (orange / red) and the beginnings of "spikes of amazing" (yellow / green).

Output of the strategy survey

While you wait, you can check out my slidedeck entitled "mediocre to great":

In summary, you can go here to buy linklove videos or here to get your free SEO strategy review.

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