Dear RedFly Marketing - Please Can You Modify Your Firefox Plugin?

So I included Red Fly's Google Global plugin in my recent post about essential SEO plugins for Firefox and while using it this morning I realised that it didn't actually work quite how I thought it did.

At the moment, when you select a country to search in it simply does a search in with the "&gl=[country code]" spliced into the search string.

I would prefer that as well as splicing in the "&gl=" it also performs the search in the relevant Google site. So for example, if I select FR as my language - it performs the search in and also appends "&gl=FR" into the search string. Simply searching with the "&gl=" in the query string doesn't return the same results as searching in the actual language version of Google.

Yes I realise that I could have simply sent RedFly an email but that would be so Web 1.0 - if they don't respond to this I'm going to go looking for them on Facebook ;-)

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