Dear RedFly Marketing - Please Can You Modify Your Firefox Plugin?

So I included Red Fly’s Google Global plugin in my recent post about essential SEO plugins for Firefox and while using it this morning I realised that it didn’t actually work quite how I thought it did.

At the moment, when you select a country to search in it simply does a search in with the “&gl=[country code]” spliced into the search string.

I would prefer that as well as splicing in the “&gl=” it also performs the search in the relevant Google site. So for example, if I select FR as my language - it performs the search in and also appends “&gl=FR” into the search string. Simply searching with the “&gl=” in the query string doesn’t return the same results as searching in the actual language version of Google.

Yes I realise that I could have simply sent RedFly an email but that would be so Web 1.0 - if they don’t respond to this I’m going to go looking for them on Facebook ;-)

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  1. Hey Tom,
    You are dead right, e-mail is soooo 2006!

    We are actually working on a newer version right now. Could be a few weeks though. We got a LOT of feedback and there are a lot of isolated bugs and issues. The new features are pretty cool though. One of them is what you have requested.

    We wanted it simple at first but it appears people want something with a LOT of options, so think of version 2 as a super charged ad diagnostic tool :)

    Thanks for the post, it has been noted!

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  2. Hi Dave, thanks for stopping by :-)

    I'm really looking forward to the new super-charged version, although I'd like to see most of the options as being, well optional. If it's got a lot of features I think it'll be important to allow you to turn them on and off. Just my $0.02!

    Great tool though and I look forward to the new version!

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  3. Dave Davis

    Hey Tom, would you like to beta test the new version? It has the feature you requested included and many more but it's not ready for public release yet. Let me know if you are interested.

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  4. Dave Davis

    New version has been released with the features you requested. :)

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