Brian, Yahoo is much better than Google, go on... say it

Before I get into the real meat of the post let me firstly introduce Brian White - another Googler following in the footsteps of Matt Cutts sharing some great juicy pieces of information on Googling, videogames and general tech-geekery. I strongly urge you to go subscribe to his blog now. Done? Ok, cool.

Why am I talking about Brian? Well, his post on searching conventions has proved to be fantastically useful for us in the office and will be very helpful for understanding this post.

Have I raved enough about you yet Brian? Can we officially become the first whitelets?? (explanation on cuttlets here) Ok, and now for the post:


Yep, you guessed it, the correct answer to the title of this post is not:

“my, yes actually you have a point, yahoo really is better than google”
but instead:
You see what I did there? ;-) There is a serious point however that I’d like to cover and I’m hoping that someone (Brian?!) can help me out with the answer or failing that at least raise the profile of the issue within Google. This is the issue:

##[IT project support] vs [project support]

Google doesn’t seem to be very good at determining when I’m using ‘it’ as in [bend it like beckham] as opposed to [it recruitment]. One of our clients provides IT support and I was doing some keyphrase research and Googling around and discovered some annoying tendencies. While on some search phrases Google does ok at determining the difference between the two uses of ‘it’ on some search phrases they are woefully poor. Take the following for example:

So in summary Brian - what’s going on and can you do something about it? I know that it’s getting better (because I remember trying to do some keyphrase research in the IT recruitment sector about 12 months ago and it was just painful - I remember [it job] and [job] used to return almost identical results) but it’s still incredibly annoying and can’t be returning the most relevant results a lot of the time.

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  1. excellent post Tom! Such a great point, I've just got a new client in the it...I mean IT industry so this would be a great issue to get resolved. Where the heck is Brian's reply??

    oh and by the way, not completely over the "original seo chicks" thing yet ;)

    "Totally and utterly original SEO Chick and possibly the last Amazon Woman"

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  2. I know - I made this post back in the days when Brian used to blog... He hasn't updated his blog in about 3 months since I made this post!!

    Yeah - that original seo chicks thing, maybe a naked pillow fight would decide who gets the title? Clearly uploaded on youtube..... ;-)

    If it helps I am an avid seo chicks fan! Might even buy a t-shirt for my next seo event if you ask nicely

    Oh yeah - and Will says to tell you that he's writing a new post about this very topic coming to a distilled blog near you soon so keep your eyes peeled for it!

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  3. That's "this very topic" as in the difference between it and IT, not "this very topic" being seo chicks t-shirts...... I think?

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  4. Indeed. I'll save the seo chicks post for another day.

    Is it your fault that Brian never posted again?

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  5. Ok we need to get on Brian's case to start blogging again, anyone got him on their facebook?

    Glad you are an SEO Chicks fan, although I doubt there will be a naked pillow fight on YouTube...Saying that you never knows what will happen in Vegas ;)

    I'll keep an eye out for Will's post :)

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  6. And as if by magic - Brian blogs again!

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  7. So, Tom, I JUST found this post...I admit that I am not a big navigator of the connections between blogs yet--I should look at my own backlinks more :)

    That said, is this still and issue?

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  8. Hey Brian,

    Thanks for stopping by even if it is a little after the party so to speak ;-)

    Just had a quick check - there's definitely some issues still remaining though some seem to have been cleared up.

    [it project support] is still very low quality with nothing very it related

    [it project management] seems to be a lot better with most results talking about IT project management

    [it consultancy services] is ok, the top results are IT related but there are definitely some low relevance ones in the top 10.

    One additional one I've noticed recently is [it support liverpool]. Not sure why liverpool should suffer more than the rest but while the top results are relevant there are a bunch on page one which aren't.

    Thanks for stopping by - also you should blog more, I like your blog posts :-)

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  9. Tom: I'm guessing it has to do with football!

    The relevance for [liverpool it support] is even worse. You get 10 local links which are about all kinds of support services (e.g. counselling) and practically all the main results are off-topic).

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  10. Maybe to do with liverpool - but the results aren't all to do with LFC (although some are)..

    Nice spot with that phrase - it's waaay off!

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  11. another excellent point . As we are an IT Company doing SEO in Australia thanks for the great information on your blog. I am now a regular reader .. keep it up . that is the blog :)

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