Boom! And like that Yahoo was gone

So waaay back in August (which isn't actually all that long ago - but it feels like an age!) I left this comment on Rand's post asking for feedback to take to the MSN/Live team about ways they could improve their service.

It's not so much an improvement to a current feature but I think there's a gap in the market at the moment for them to over-take yahoo as the SEO/webmasters portal. Currently I use Yahoo for the majority of my link analysis and a hefty chunk of my keyphrase research.

The problem is that Yahoo's traffic data is now outdated and their link tool is getting more temperamental every day. If MSN/Live can come up with something which works and is effective then they could seriously undermine or even overtake Yahoo's dominance in this area.

Well it looks like link data is finally available through Live if you simply add a '+' before the search (example) - hat tip to Joost for picking this up!

##Why is this better than Yahoo?

  • Firstly you don't have to log in - Yahoo plays up if you don't log in which is a real pain when working on a computer which isn't your own.
  • Secondly it indents results from the same domain - no more having to scroll through masses and masses of links when you get a sitewide link.
  • Thirdly - it appears to not count nofollowed links.
  • Fourthly, it's quicker and cleaner than Yahoo.
As I mentioned - I currently use Yahoo a fair amount but I'd love an excuse to ditch them. Now I have one and Yahoo is gone. I predict I most likely won't visit Yahoo again this year.

In the UK Live/MSN and Yahoo send about the same amount of traffic (in my experience, maybe Live sends a little more) but I can't help but get the feeling that Yahoo is sending less and less and Live is sending more and more. With all the things Live has in the pipeline I think by this time next year we'll be talking Google and Live more or less exclusively and Yahoo will be a distant memory - like Ask, bless them.

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