7 days as an SEO

Hello all. Some of you keen beans may have noticed a new addition to the Distilled team.

My name’s Lucy and I’m as new to SEO as my 3 day old nephew is new to the world. Well, actually, that’s not strictly true. I’ve been SEO-ing now for a grand total of 7 days.

I’ll pursue the analogy: thrust into the world of SEO (without all the screaming and accompanying drama you’ll be glad to hear), I spent the first few days of my new life looking at everything in quite an advanced state of bewilderment. Just like a new-born, everything I apprehended was quite blurry and difficult to understand. Babies apparently see only black and white for the first few days of their lives and it was like that for me. With a few more days learning under my belt I am starting to appreciate the various nuances out there: the differences between a ‘trusted’ page and a ‘relevant’ page, for example. Social interaction comes next and I quickly learnt to tell my Digg from my Del.icio.us, my Boing Boing from my StumpleUpon.

Alongside a couple of inspirational introductions from Duncan (with beautiful illustrations and diagrams) and many helpful pointers from Will and Tom, I’ve been reading as widely as possibly through the resources out there. Top of the list was Aaron Wall’s excellent ‘Seobook’. This works well as both an introduction and a more complex guide to what’s worth thinking about as a newby. I’ll admit it though, I haven’t quite managed to finish it. Yet.

Next on the list was Seomoz’s Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization. What I most appreciated about this guide was just how understandable it was- so thanks Rand! Even quite complex ideas (bearing in mind it’s a beginner’s guide) were both palatable and approachable. It also provided some great links to other starter guides.

Having tested the water, it was time to leave the safety of the paddling pool. This was definitely a mutual decision. I am in no way implying that Distilled snuck up and pushed me into the grown-up pool when I wasn’t looking. How many blogs are there on SEO?! Google Reader newly installed I started to read all the blogs in Tom’s ‘11 (and a half) SEO Feeds to which All Beginners Should Subscribe’ and plenty of others that were recommended. I haven’t quite surfaced yet but I’ll get there! You guys sure have a lot to talk about.

In all seriousness though, I’ve found the blogs really useful as both a resource and a reassurance that seo is not all keyword research and link building (see how I just threw those in there?). And, what’s more, it’s funny, interesting and challenging more often than not. Can I for one say ‘phew’! That could have been an expensive move to London Lucy...

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  1. Hi Lucy,
    Welcome to SEO! I was in exactly your situation 17 months ago when I started working at SEOmoz. My first day at the office involved link building for an art gallery in London... things became a little bit more exciting after a week or two!

    It's also fun to see another person with an English degree get into SEO: you can now give a definitive answer to all those friends of yours who said, "What are you going to do with that degree? Work at Starbucks?"

    Lastly, I love your last two sentences. Replace "London" with "Seattle" and you've got my sentiments from a year and a half ago!

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  2. Hi Jane,

    Thanks for your kind words. It's great to hear from someone in the same position who's made it in the SEO world. If you have any hot tips for resources you found useful when starting out I'd really appreciate the advice!

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  3. Hey Lucy,

    Glad that you are keen to study the subject, I can promise you that it's gonna be an endless one. You have found the right places to start, all the best.

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  4. Hi Mani

    Thanks for your comment- it does indeed seem to be endless! In a good way though :)

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