5 top link building tips from the vault

Just a quick post to let you all know that I was invited to guest blog on www.linkbuildingblog.com by Patrick Gavin (ok, I asked him, but still ;-) )

Check out the post here!

I cover 5 link building tips that you may well not have been aware of, you can go read it for yourself but I thought I’d give another shout out (and link to!) all the guys I reference in the post:

Firstly, Patrick Altoft for this great post on how to gain links from image hotlinkers. (And another hat tip to Caydel for the post on image optimisation)

Secondly, SEOmoz (jeez, I feel like I’m linking to them all the time so this time I’ll link to this instead!)........Ah what the hell, here’s another one for you Rand and crew.

Thirdly, Andy Beal for this post on how to get sued for links.

Happy linking!

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