5 bits of SEO advice for Living Made Easy

A good friend of the Distilled team and fellow SEO Richard Baxter recently pinged me to ask if I'd comment on his latest post. Since it's for a good cause instead of commenting I thought I'd write a post instead :-)


The topic in question is SEO advice for www.livingmadeeasy.org.uk, it's a site offering free impartial advice and has been produced by the Disabled Living Foundation (DLF). Before I dive into my tips, let me firstly completely agree with all 5 points in Richard's post - my tips below are meant to complement his tips, not replace them!

1) Sort your redirections out

The first thing I did to open up the site was type in www.livingmadeeasy.co.uk - unfortunately this redirects me to www.dlf.org.uk. Domain names are tricky ones and I see that you don't currently own the .com but while you own the .co.uk you should make sure it redirects to the main site since not everyone is going to remember to add .org.uk rather than .co.uk.

This is a less important note, but you should also ensure that you redirect http://livingmadeeasy.org.uk to http://www.livingmadeeasy.org.uk

Looking at some of the other redirects you have set up I see that you use 301 redirects on the whole so that's good but it's worth mentioning again - always use 301 redirects (instead of 302, or javascript redirects or something else non-standard)!

2) Sort your duplicate content

I notice that you can reach the same content on two different URLs. The most obvious case of this is the chairs page that is linked to twice from the homepage. You link to the same page with both of these URLs:



Make sure that any page can only be accessed via one unique URL. Obviously from an SEO perspective the first one is better but it doesn't actually matter that much so long as you're consistent.

3) Improve URL targeting

This is related to point number 2 but you should always make your URL semantic and easy to use (and this usually means having keyphrases in them which is good for SEO).

Currently on the site there are lots of URLs like this:


You should re-write your URLs to appear something like this:


This has many benefits:

  • Helps you rank better
  • Generates a better CTR in the SERPs
  • Aids usability

4) Improve the information architecture

This might not be a change you want to make but from looking at the site pretty quickly I don't really understand the difference between these two pages:



From both an information architecture and a usability perspective I would recommend either turning that content into one single URL, or differentiating the content more clearly so that the pages are distinct (and can target separate keyphrases).

living-made-easy-screenshot-of-navigation-barAlso, as a side note on usability - I'd recommend making the top level navigation buttons clickable. If someone wants help, they don't necessarily want to scroll over and have to choose between one of the dropdowns - let them just click help if they want to. In most cases, making things un-clickable isn't best practice since people love to click on things!

5) Add stronger calls to action

I know, this isnt' really an SEO change but when trying to get deep into the site it took me a large number of clicks to get to this page (for example):


And once I'm there I still have to click on a link that says "info on supplier" before I can find a link to the exact product on the B&Q website:


I'd make sure that you can click through to the B&Q site a lot earlier to aid usability. You might even want to run some website optimiser tests to see which page layouts provoke the most click-throughs since that's the goal of these pages (as I understand it).

While you're at it, since your main goal is information I'd probably recommend adding a call to action to sign up to an email list. A regular email with information, tips and advice would go down very well I think.

And that's it! Best of luck :-)

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