Sexy Content: Seattle MeetUp Recap

While we are very excited for our SearchLove Boston line-up and SearchLove San Diego announcement, Distilled Seattle has been hosting some great conversations and MeetUps!

Last week Adria Saracino (Content Strategist at Distilled) was joined by Kim Magden (Content Management Engineer at Software Tableau). Here are a few insights from the event and both presenters’ slide decks – enjoy!

Join in with User-Generated Content and Water Cooler Conversations

Even though Adria spoke about external content strategy/ outreach and Kim on internal content strategy/ curation, they both emphasized the notion that in order to speak to your users, you must first listen to them. Adria spoke to how content strategists and those looking to better appeal to their audience should research what their desired consumers are saying, by both asking them directly and doing a bit of online discovery (lurking in the comment section anyone?). Kim discussed how to listen to her team whose work is to build and deliver self-service analysis tools to customers, even divulging insights from simple water cooler conversations.

Sexy is in the Eye of the Beholder

Adria opened with this point surrounding the content brands build, the audience it is geared towards and the ‘sweet spot’ brands should aim for. The ‘sweet spot’ is the overlap of on-brand content that is in-line with consumers’ current interests. Uncovering the sweet spot often takes a little bit of time digging into the numbers and shaping a story around the data.

Read more about how to find and use data in your marketing strategies.

Kim also offered insight around what makes internally shared information actionable – the balance of being timely, informative and engaging. Tableau Software has experienced considerable growth with its sexy sleek data visualization and interaction tools. With that growth comes the need to expand internal knowledge, which Kim champions through informative content.

Be Timely, Time and Time Again

Both internal and external content strategies can benefit from an early and often approach. Adria and Kim reaffirmed this point for both brands marketing and internal communication strategies. Hannah Smith’s blog post, ‘4 Types of Content Every Site Needs’ outlines what pieces of content should be optimized to drive emotional reactions, rational decisions and build awareness or actual purchases. Whether your brand or company is trying to persuade, convert, educate or entertain, you should always consider the timeliness of the messaging.

Want to learn more? Grab a ticket for SearchLove Boston, only a couple of weeks away, and check out our MeetUps in Seattle and London.  

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