SearchLove Boston Speaker Line-Up Revealed

This April (7th & 8th) will see us return to the Joseph B Martin conference centre in Boston to share our latest insights into the world of online marketing. Here's who will be joining us on the SearchLove stage...

Will Critchlow, Distilled

Will looks forward to sharing his latest insights and vision for the future of online marketing including how he anticipates things will be changing over the coming years. 

JoannLord, Big Door

Obsessed with coffee, start-ups and online marketing, Joanna is an inspirational speaker who we've invited back to the SearchLove stage time and time again. Her ability to uplift the audience whilst sharing her latest ideas is truly remarkable, as is her (highly addictive) website and blog 

Rand Fishkin, Moz

Another firm favourite, Rand is known for his infectious optimism and love for sharing his knowledge on all things search. A regular on the speaker circuit, he brings a different topic to the table at every event and whatever the subject, it's always a hit! 

Aaron Weyenberg, TED

Who doesn't spend at least an hour a week watching TED talks? Which is why we're super excited to welcome their UX and product designer to reveal what went on behind the scenes of their latest relaunch. 

Stephanie Chang, Distilled

Another newbie to the line-up, Steph is known internally at Distilled for her awesome teaching skills and we've no doubt that this is going to translate perfectly to the SearchLove stage as she shares her expertise on customer acquisition marketing. 

Justin Cutroni, Google

As an Analytics Evangelist at Google and author of 'Google Analytics', there's no one better placed to speak on all things GA than Justin Cutroni. As a regular speaker on the topic of Analytics, Justin is a pro at spicing things up to make his talk actionable, relevant and fun! 

Margot Bloomstein, Appropriate Inc

Content was the name of the game in 2013, but in 2014 it's all about the strategy, which is why we've invited Margot to share her knowledge on putting into place the cogs of the content wheel. "The post-lunch snooze slot will never be the same again", she promises. 

Rob Toledo, Distilled

As Head of Outreach at Distilled, Rob is going to be sharing his wisdom gained from the past few years working both client side and building up the in-house team. He is also the self-proclaimed 'best ping-pong player in the company' so if anyone wants to challenge him at the conference, I'm sure he'd be up for it. 

Marshall Simmonds, Define Media Group

Having worked in the industry since 1997, Marshall made his name as chief search strategist at into one of the most successful content networks on the internet before moving to The New York Times in 2005 to oversee its search strategy initiatives. He now heads up Define Media Group, working with some of the biggest brands in the world. 

Darren Shaw, Whitespark

Darren wowed our San Diego audience last year with his talk on auditing and fixing local citations. This time he'll be focussing on local again, teaching us the difference between activities that spin the wheels and those that actually affect rankings. 

Mark Johnstone, Distilled

After a number of successful creative campaigns as an SEO consultant at Distilled, Mark took the reins of the creative team, and has since built this into a ten-person strong team of developers, data scientists and graphic designers in less than two years. 

Rick Backus, CPC Strategy

Co-founder of CPC Strategy, Rick is going to be sharing his knowledge on all things 'Paid Search'. Having worked on 100s of comparison shopping campaigns for online retailers, Rick is going to, no doubt, bowl us over with data, just like he did in San Diego late last year.  

Chris Savage, Wistia

Co-founder and CEO of Wistia, Chris lists his obsessions as: marketing, analytics, IPAs, coffee and ping pong - perhaps we've found a worthy adversary for Rob Toledo off stage? On stage however, Chris will certainly be winning the title of video expert as he talks us through the latest strategies and tips for excelling. 

Melanie Spring, Sisarina

As Chief Inspiration Officer at Sisarina, Mel is a pro when it comes to inspiring others. She knows how to get an audience fired up about content: whether its writing articles on how to grow your business, living your brand or being a better entrepreneur.

Matt Brown, Moz

Senior VP of Special Projects at Moz, Matt spends his days ensuring its products bring exceptional value to online marketers of all disciplines. This April, he's going to be bringing exceptional value to the SearchLove audience with his talk. 

Josh Braaten, Collegeis Education

Director of inbound marketing, Josh is a strong advocate for KPIs and listening to the voice of the customer. He is going to be helping us to connect the dots between systems and people - no mean feat! 

Adam Melson, SEER Interactive

Coming into his sixth year at SEER, Adam is well placed to be sharing its tactics on putting the customer first with his talk on 'Listening to the customer's wants to achieve their needs'. He'll be delving into the methods used by SEER to really accomplish their client's goals.

SearchLove covers topics ranging from 'brand management' to 'outreach', 'the future of online marketing' to 'local search' and much, much more. If you want to be at the forefront of the industry then get yourself a ticket.

Tickets are currently on sale at the Super Early Bird rate of $799 but hurry, they will only be available at this awesome rate until 31st January! 

Hope to see you there! 

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