SEOmoz talk about online reputation monitoring and management

A couple of quick links for a Saturday morning - both to SEOmoz who have been writing and talking about online reputation monitoring and management:

- Whiteboard Friday video all about how to stay on top of your reputation online and find out what people are saying about you - When to respond - Jane 'Attack' Copland on when to keep your mouth shut and avoid wading in to online arguments involving your company and brand (go on Jane, write the follow-up showing us how you smack down the idiots)

It's good to see the stuff we're interested in getting written about by the big boys. Hope people find them useful.

While these issues are at the front of people's minds, don't forget that you can get yourself a chance to get a free copy of Avinash Kaushik's fantastic book, Web Analytics, an Hour a Day, by signing up to Reputation Monitor.

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