Lovefilm Profile Pages, So Close And Yet So Far...

Dear Lovefilm,

Tom Critchlow’s Lovefilm Profile

Thank you for adding the new feature which allows me to create a profile page on your site. I really like these kinds of features on websites as I love talking about myself (I even google myself from time to time).

The only problem with your service is that the profile pages which are generated aren't very search engine friendly (although to be fair the rest of your site could do with a little help from some SEO experts. If you're reading why not give us a call? ;-) ).

The first thing which upsets me is that I'm not allowed to have a user name with hyphens or underscores in. How am I supposed to rank for two word queries without that!? Ok, I thought, never mind I can just drop lots of links to the page to get it ranking. Well I could but frankly since the title tag is generic ("LOVEFiLM | Europe's No.1 online DVD rental service") I'm not sure it's going to be worth it! I mean sure, Lovefilm may be 'Europe's No 1 online DVD rental service', but is my profile page 'Europe's No 1 online DVD rental service'? I suspect not.

So basically, how am I supposed to spam my search results when you make the pages so SEO-unfriendly?!

Your Sincerely,

Tom Critchlow

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