Just links? Boring...

So, I said before that I wasn't going to make a habit of link posts. Well, that was before we got burgled and I ran out of time to write a proper post.

So, with no lolcats in sight:

- Jennifer Laycock at Search Engine Guide on Don't Just Manage Your Reputation, Respond to your Competitor's - an interesting look at reputational issues as a way of getting one up on your competitor - add this alongside some competitive reputation monitoring and aggressive reputation management and you have an arsenal of dangerous tools to play with - Sonia Simone at Remarkable Communications on Seth Godin's concept of the new transparency. All about the issues companies are facing as the world becomes more open (more on this in a guest post coming shortly) - To make up for the lack of lolcats, some fantastic designs I found on stumbleupon - if you think you have everything you need, you haven't spent enough time on this page!

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