Facebook - Who’s doing your SEO?

Ok, so although I came a little late to the whole Facebook phenomenon I have recently been dragged into the whole thing lovingly embraced the concept.

I was browsing through the various settings however and I noticed that there is an option under your public profile to allow your public listing to be indexed by search engines.

facebook privacy tickbox

Now, if you've ever tried searching facebook for someone you'll know that it sucks worse than mahahalo. I mean really sucks - so much that even if I know what their name is and where they live I STILL can't find them!

However, now that there is this option to have your public listing indexed by external search engines (I'm sorry, I don't know if this is a new feature or not - perhaps someone can update me on this one?) all facebook need to do is put a robust and sensible internal linking strategy in place and everyone's public listings will start ranking in the search engines. Right now I can't see facebook getting a whole lot of organic traffic from the search engines but this would drastically change that.

What's the use in this? Well, where's the first place your average joe is going to turn to find an old friend? Google of course. Facebook should be licking their lips relishing the thought of having user's public profiles appearing in the search engines for their name search. It would drive new sign-ups, spread the word (even more!) and lastly it would ALLOW ME TO SEARCH FOR PEOPLE SENSIBLY.

##Using Facebook for Reputation Management

We love to put a reputation monitoring/management spin on things here at Distilled and this is a prime example of how you can get another listing in the search results which you are in full control of. Simply point a few links at your public profile URL and it'll rank in no-time.

Of course, this post wouldn't be the same without the obligatory link: Tom Critchlow

PS - Facebook, if you need someone to give you a hand putting together an internal linking strategy, drop us a line ;-)

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