When Politicians Run Adwords Campaigns

Hi there, I'm Rob, the newest member of the Distilled team. My future blog posts might be a little less frivolous, but - to be honest - we're probably having more fun than you are today. So, to lighten your day a little, here's my first post for Distilled.
AdWords has become an increasingly useful tool for politicians from all parties to help spread their message. We'd like to share Distilled's unique insights with you, on how some of the major political parties have run their own AdWords campaigns. Political AdWords Creatives


  • Democrats: After spend millions of dollars deciding which of their two best adverts to run; they've go no cash left to actually spend on the 'winning' ad.
  • Republicans: God told them to place ads. Chuck Norris made sure they did.
  • Labour: Their budget is spent on bidding for populist keywords to please unions. Most web-users stopped clicking on their ads in early 2008.
  • Tory: Most of their cash was spent on marginal keywords, to ensure Position 1
  • Liberal Democrats: Perpetually disappointed that they can't bid on alcoholic keywords. Drafted an ad about weed during University, but never set it active. Honest.
  • Monster Raving Looney Party: Spent the '80s writing ridiculous creatives, only for Labour to use some of them 10 years later.
  • BNP: Didn't put any text in the ad, to make sure it stayed as white as possible.
  • Sinn Fein: British laws demands that their adverts are read by an actor.
More Political Adwords Elsewhere:
  • EU Commission for Common Agricultural Policy: If you own enough land, they'll fund your campaign for you.
  • Communist Party: Think that all the ad spots belong to them anyway. Party members may place an ad by bribing their seniors with chocolate.
  • ZANU-PF: AdWords Campaign Manager says that they're in position 2; they demand that the international community recognise their advert as position 1.
  • Nicolas Sarkozy's UMP Party: Launch with an incredibly successful AdWords campaign, but got distracted by bidding on attractive looking Italian keywords.
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