Using Reputation Monitor As A Link Building Tool

Recently I have been doing a lot of link-building for our clients, partly because it's my job and partly because I just love SEO (all fanmail to my usual address please ;-) ) but mainly because I've recently come up with an alternative use for our very own Reputation Monitor which allows it to be used as a link building tool and it's now delivering me sites relevant to my clients, ripe for linking, directly into my feed-reader! Awesome.

How you ask? Read on young link ninja (if you don't know what a link ninja is then go read all about it here!)

##Using Reputation Monitor to feed you links

The first step is to sign up to reputation monitor (sign up for a free trial now!). Insert the information about your client (simply their brand/company name and any identifiable products services they offer) and any possible negative matches that might exist. Enter their URL and slap a relevance score of 3 or 4 on there (I find 3 or 4 is best, though if you have more time on your hands you could set it lower). Here's one I did earlier:

Image: blog-repmonscreenshot

##So How Does it Work Exactly?

Now that you have set this up for your site then go ahead and subscribe to the feed that it produces (I use Google Reader). Now, the new feeds will drop into your reader, showing you new stories about your site.

##How is it useful for link building?

Well, they key thing to note here is that all these stories are relevant to your site however, not all of them link to your site! This is the crucial part. What you're getting is a feed of ALL articles about your site, some of which link to your site and some of which don't. All you have to do is browse through them, filter the ones which link to your site from the ones who don't and contact all the ones who have written about your site but haven't linked to you and ask them for a link. These links will be fantastically easy to get simply because they have already written about your site, they already have everything in place! (Note: I actually have a tweak in my settings which filters those that link to the site from those that don't which provides me with a feed which is entirely made up of sites which don't link. It's not a public tool yet but if there's enough demand for it.............)

##Closing Thoughts

I've found this really useful and it's providing me with a great list of sites to gain quality links from. Another use I wasn't expecting is for helping viral marketing and linkbait. We recently managed a youtube video release for a client. The original story was hosted on the client's site but the video was hosted on YouTube. One of the problems however with hosting the video on youtube is that people can pick up the story or link to the video without linking to your site. Using reputation monitor in the way outlined above notifies me whenever someone picks up the story or video but doesn't link back to the main site, it's then easy peasy to get them to link back to the original site.

For those looking for a more in depth discussion on the pros and cons of hosting a video on youtube vs hosting a video on your own site you should head on over to the SEOmoz premium section where Rand has a great post about that very thing. It's well worth the money to sign up, he also has a document all about link-building techniques (no mention of reputation monitor though rand ;-) ......?!)

Anyone else come up with any nifty tricks with reputation monitor?

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