SMX Advanced: Keyphrase Research - Go Ninja, Go Ninja, GO!

NOTE: The folks over at Mozenda are offering a 25% off voucher code for all pay-as-you-go purchases just use “SMXL25” on all purchases before May 26th.

Whilst the talk of the day (and most of the jokes) yesterday at SMX London definitely seemed to be focused around the Ash Cloud and all the canceled flights, there were also definitely some good presentations to be heard on the first day. Obviously, being based in London has its advantages (beyond it being an amazing city) and the Distilled team were out in force yesterday- providing a wonderful support team/safety net for me.

As my first presentation as an SEO it was really incredible and humbling to receive such wonderful feedback yesterday and I can’t say “thank you” enough to all the people who made me feel so good about my presentation, my career choice, and my choice for working at Distilled. Without the Distilled team and the support of people like Will and Tom I never would have thrown my hat in the ring to speak at the event.

The experience was absolutely amazing and I look forward to any future opportunities to speak!

I hope this deck speaks for itself for the most part. The links to all of the tools I used will be on the last slide and I’m happy to try to answer any questions in the comments section below. If you are at the event and have any questions you’d like to ask in person please just grab me today! Or send me a message on Twitter and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Crocker, Samuel, Keyphrase Research Beyond the Ordinary [Final]

As a word of warning (which I did provide to the attendees at SMX yesterday): I am not a lawyer. My aim with this presentation was not to suggest what you should be doing, but rather to illustrate the power of the tools included herein and as with all SEO tools it’s up to you to use the power for good. The tips I actually had time to focus on were all created using Mozenda though the point here is in the 12 minutes allotted I was only really able to scratch the surface. If you have a chance please try out some of these tools and let us know what you think!

*I know a lot of people were particularly interested in the Google Suggest API. As I said in the presentation, it’s a bit of a hack (i.e. the portal is through a blog rather than the Google site), but I’m sure if you poke around long enough you can find the API through Google, or you can manipulate the query string once you’ve landed on the Google page.

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  1. Nice presentation Sam, I heard a lot of good things about it on twitter yesterday, thanks for sharing.

    The Google suggest API I found by accident as a Chrome screw up. Run your queries as: though as far as I can see the 'hl' parameter makes no difference to the results. You can also run your queries as: to get different results. Both sets of queries tell you the competition for keyphrase, though this is always different to the amount of competitions you see on the results page it's still very useful to have.

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  2. Nice to meet you Sam and I too heard great things about your session.

    Do check out our Excel KW Research Tool - takes a lot of heavy lifting away plus it goes into demographics too:

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  3. I just wanted to let you all know that thanks to the support of Mozenda, those of you who wish to test the mighty strength of Mozenda yourselves can now do so at a discount. Mozenda are offering a 25% off voucher/code on all pay-as-you-go purchases using the code "SMXL25" so make good use of it before it's too late. You certainly won't regret it and may well come up with some other great tips/strategies of your own!

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  4. Hey, I built this off the back of James Morell's link...

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  5. Thanks to both Rob and James - those are both handy tips!

    James' tip is definitely nice as it includes the search volume data as well but it makes extraction with a tool like Mozenda a bit more difficult.

    Great stuff guys! Thanks for sharing.

    *EDIT: Wow, I've just now got a chance to play with the tool you've built Rob and it really is good stuff. The output is much friendlier and easier to use than the original tool I referenced. Plus it's nice to be able to use OR

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  6. You'll probably like my greasemonkey script (for FF)/ extension (for Chrome) that adds Google Suggest to the Google Insights UI


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