Reputation Monitor gets snippets

Over the last week or so I have been very busy updating reputation monitor. The changes that have gone live today are:

- Snippets - Both the rss feed and the results page have had snippets added.* - Robots.txt - The reputation monitor "spider" now obeys robots.txt - Improved scheduling - We have updated the way we schedule feed monitoring. This includes better prioritisation amongst our various levels of account - Various database optimisations - Due to higher than expected (but very welcome) demand we experienced some issues with the responsiveness of our database. The various changes we put in place mean that the database is now 3 orders of magnitude quicker than previously... (I'm quite chuffed)

Hopefully everything is working smoothly for you. Should you spot any problems please let me know.

*Initially Will and I were in two minds about the snippets, as they weren't something we controlled (we use the snippets given to us) so we couldn't vouch for their relevance and therefore how useful they were. However, all the feedback we have had has convinced us that we were wrong and that the snippets would be useful. Now that they are live, if your opinion changes do let us know..

Also we would love to hear your ideas about what would make reputation monitor even better. What is the one thing we could add that would be the most help to your online reputation monitoring needs?

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