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how reputation monitor works

As eagle-eyed readers of yesterday's post will have already noticed, Reputation Monitor has been undergoing a major facelift (well done, D) and re-implementation of the front-end in CakePHP. This means it is not only prettier, but easier and more intuitive to use (and faster, though that might be partly down to a database trim - feels like we are saving the entire Internet some days!).

Anyway, there is still a free trial available on both the individual and pro accounts - the first month is free on both those accounts so there is really no reason not to try it out.

Rather than me waffling on about it, go and have a play and let us know what you think.

The price is going to go up shortly for new sign-ups with the introduction of some new reporting / statistical features, so if you have been on the fence, now is a really good time to go ahead and sign up as you will continue to benefit from the current looooow prices.

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