How to Become a nobody, participate in our poll and become a statistic.

Reputation Monitor has been live now for almost 6 months and while we've been toiling away making changes, updating the interface, improving the feed etc it's been a while since we actually released a whole new upgrade. We were brainstorming in the office about the best way to take the tool to the next level and we decided that we'd let you guys decide!

##Our Life Is In Your Hands

So check out our poll, vote for your favourite upgrades/updates and hopefully in the near (ish) future they'll become real :-)


The poll options explained:

###Allow you to thumbs up/thumbs down a story (with reporting)

This would add into the feed a few small icons (probably looking a little like this: thumbs up,thumb down) which would allow you to'tag' or 'vote' specific stories as 'positive news', 'negative news' or 'not about me'. What's the value in this? Well the point of this is that you would then be able to run reports on all stories which are positive news or negative news.

###Provide a daily/weekly email digest option

NEWSFLASH: not everyone in the world uses RSS. Shame on them. I imagine the people reading this post and/or voting in this poll will probably be biased towards those who already use a feed reader but anyway - this option would provide a weekly or daily email which summarises all the stories in that specific monitor.

###Flag up all the stories which link to your website

I mentioned this feature briefly when I discovered how useful Rep Monitor is for link building but it's still not a feature available to everyone. Basically this would highlight or flag up all the stories which link back to your website. Personally, I've found this very helpful when performing link building for client projects.

###Allow white-labelling

Are you interested in providing an online reputation monitoring service to your clients? Don't want it to be tied to Distilled? Then this is the option for you. One thing we're considering is providing a white-labelled version of Reputation Monitor hosted on a seperate domain which could be used by other agencies/companies.

###Add an affiliate program

Think we're missing a trick? Do you have friends/contacts who you think would like to hear about reputation monitor? Need some incentive to get off your lazy ass and tell them about it? How about an affiliate program, allowing you to earn real hard cash for promoting and driving sign-ups to reputation monitor.

###Add Your Own

If there's anything that you'd like to see reputation monitor do, which it doesn't already do, then add it here or leave a suggestion in the comments. All ideas welcome!

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