How does Reputation Monitor work?

##How does Reputation Monitor work?

Reputation Monitor is a tool that helps you keep on top of what is said about you online. It is important for any company to track what is being said about them online in order to protect their brand.

Reputation monitor allows you to enter searches that indicate a story is about you. For most people this is likely to be your company name (e.g. apple or distilled), your product name (e.g. ipod or reputation monitor) and a company spokesperson (e.g. steve jobs or will critchlow) (Just an excuse to mention Will in the same sentence as steve jobs!). Once we have these phrases we monitor a number of rss feeds on your behalf. We are going to continue adding feeds to improve the results, but already the feeds we monitor include:

- Google News - Yahoo News - Feedster - Technorati - Icerocket - Blogpulse - Blogdigger - Plazoo - PR Web

By monitoring these feeds we get a list of articles that are potentially about you or your brand. In reality, there is a load of garbage mixed in that isn't about you, and that you really don't want to have to sift through. What reputation monitor does is to grade each page it finds with the likelihood that the piece is about you.

There are two ways you can see the results, the first is to log in, and see the results in your browser. By viewing your results this way you can re-order them if required and filter on our score.

In our opinion, the best way to see the results is to subscribe to an rss feed that we publish. This rss feed will show you all the blog posts we have found that are above a threshold score that you have defined.

That, in a nutshell is how reputation monitor works. We are always trying to improve the tool so please let us know anything that would help you monitor your reputation online?

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