Google Chrome Plugins for SEO

Google Chrome is a great web browser in many respects. However, if you're used to using Firefox, and having a variety of tools accessible through various plugins, it can be a shock to move to such an austere browser.

Although forthcoming versions of Chrome may have the ability to add plugins, we thought it would be useful to have the basic suite of SEO tools available right now, and have recreated many useful functions using Javascript bookmarklets.

Current Version: V1, released 13th July 2009

Update, 14th July: There is now also a Spanish Version, thanks to Chicaseo.

Using SEO Buttons

This is a work in progress. If there are other useful features you would like us to include or find any bugs, let me know. (


  1. To begin, save this bookmarks file to your computer. (Right click the link and select 'Save link as')
  2. From Chrome, show the bookmark toolbar by pressing Control + B, then right click it and select Bookmark Manager
  3. From within the bookmark manager, select Tools > Import bookmarks... and then select the saved bookmark file
  4. The 'SEO Buttons' folder will appear within an 'Imported' folder; drag the SEO Buttons folder to just underneath the root 'Bookmarks bar folder' (or, if you have no other bookmarks, directly onto the 'Bookmarks Bar' folder.) You can now close the Bookmark Manager.

Drag the SEO Buttons folder to the top of the Bookmarks Bar folder

Using the SEO Buttons

Clicking on the newly created SEO Buttons folder will give you access to the following tools:
  • Count Links: displays the number of links on the current page (showing internal and external)
  • NoFollow Highlighter: adds a light red background to any NoFollow-ed links on the current page
  • Google Site: search: shows all indexed pages from this site
  • Google's Cached Version: shows the cached version of the current page
  • Google PageRank: pops up a window showing the current page's PageRank (thanks to Techie Buzz)
  • SEO Playground Tool: opens a useful information pane by Dave Naylor
  • Y! Link Report for this Page: shows the Yahoo! SiteExplorer links for the current page
  • Y! Link Report for this Subdomain: as above, but for the whole site
  • WolframAlpha stats about this Page: may show some useful info about the current page
  • Twitter Mentions of this Site: uses BackTweets to show recent mentions of the site on Twitter
  • Blog Mentions of this Site: uses SocialMention to show recent mentions of the site on blogs
  • Other Sites at this IP: data from My IP Neighbors
  • Edit Page Text: allows you to edit the text on any page
  • SEOMoz Pro Tools: this folder allows easy access to useful tools for SEOMoz's Pro Members
  • About SEO Buttons: links to this post; come back from time to time to check for updates.


We'll add any updates to this page, so do let us have your bug reports or other comments.

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