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Many of you will have heard of Avinash Kaushik's book Web Analytics in an Hour a Day. Avinash is the analytics guru who recently moved from an in-house role at Intuit to Google Analytics.

He is a brilliant writer and anyone who is in any way interested in getting more out of their website should read Avinash's blog. His book is also brilliant (and comes with a CD of additional material). We have a load of copies that we are giving away! Keep reading to find out how to get your hands on a free copy of Avinash's book.

I have corresponded with Avinash a few times and I'm now pleased to be able to announce three marketing ventures that we are doing with the help of his book (of which we have just bought a boatload of copies - see photo):


1. (as per the subject of this post) we are offering a couple of free copies of Avinash's book to lucky Reputation Monitor subscribers. We are going to pick two random subscribers on Monday 3rd September (a month from now) - one drawn from all subscribers on that date and one from everyone who signs up between now and then. So if you're not already signed up (lapsed accounts don't count, but accounts in the first month free trial do), what are you waiting for - go grab yourself an account - individual and pro accounts are free for the first month 2. anyone signing up for an agency account from now until we run out of books will also get a free copy 3. over the coming months, we are going to be sending copies of the book out to prospects on the SEO / PPC management side of our business in order to introduce ourselves and hopefully get some great meetings. If you know anyone who you think would benefit from a copy and would have a meeting with us in London in exchange, drop our account manager a line:

Incidentally, Avinash says on the book's website that it is for a good cause:

> 100% of the author's proceeds from the book will be donated to charity. The proceeds will go to The Smile Train and Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders), to assist in their efforts to make our world a better place.

So we love the fact that not only are we marketing, but we're supporting charities while we're at it.

PS. For people outside Europe, we may decide to get Amazon to ship a copy rather than posting it from our UK office, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

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