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Ok, so I've been busy and not really had a chance to post (also - I've been uninspired). I'm keeping this post short and sweet, so let's start by talking about Raymond Chandler. Say what? Well - I love reading Raymond Chandler books and sometimes I like to think of myself as the online equivalent of Philip Marlowe (the lead character from his books)

Combining suave sophistication, witty put downs and online investigative powers which border on the super-human. Ok, so I don't have much sophistication and I'm not that witty (plus I don't get to sleep with as many of my clients as he does. Disclaimer: ANY of my clients!) but I AM pretty good at the online investigation. You know the sort, where a new client comes on board, they ask your advice on an issue, you come up with a solution in a few minutes by using the online tools at your fingertips, some complex Google searches and a whole lot of know-how.

Now often, this is just a theoretical solution and implementing it can be much trickier but doesn't it make you feel good when you solve these problems? Just me? Ok, well I love the challenge of a fresh problem, even more so if I can solve it quickly and help someone out which is why:

##I'm answering your questions for free

That's right - just email me at (the same address for all fan mail ;-) ) and I'll take a look at your problem/question. If I can't answer it, you can have your money back!

Alternatively, just leave a question in the comments.

Please - I'm looking for something which has been troubling you, a nagging issue, burning question or flummoxing results.

Please don't ask me: "How do I rank 1st for this phrase" - I'm not giving away the whole playbook here guys.

Please don't ask me: "What's an XML sitemap" - you can all find wikipedia (hiss) yourselves.

This offer is open to webmasters, bloggers, young, old. Heck - I'm even offering it to any rival SEO firms who internally are scratching their heads about a problem (confidentiality will be preserved, just mark your email confidential and I'll treat it as such).

Disclaimer: I'm not the most incredible SEO'er to walk the earth, I'm no Rand, Grey Wolf, or Danny Sullivan but hey - they all charge for their services so go figure :-)

PS - It appears Raymond Chandler may have predicted Google many years ago, read about it here!

PPS - After writing this article I have seen this post from Grey Wolf. I realise this is a similar idea but really it's not since I'll answer specifics for you (he's looking for more general discussion I believe). This post wasn't based on that at all!

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