Four SEMMY*’s And A Silence (with an 4 x award nominated cast)



An intrepid troupe of online adventurers journey through the Internet in search of search engine success, linkjuice love and traffic satisfaction.


Bill Murray : Will Critchlow (Director of Distilled)
Woody Allen : Duncan Morris (Director of Distilled)
Brad Pitt : Tom Critchlow (Head of Search)
Angelina Jolie : Lucy Langdon (Search Marketer)
Philip Seymour Hoffman : Rob Ousbey (Search Marketer)
Lisa Edelstien : Leonie Wharton (Designer)

Screenplay Excerpt

Act Two, Scene One

[Lucy is sitting behind her beautiful Mac. Will pokes his head round the corner]
Will: Mumble mumble mumble...
[Lucy removes her headphones]
Lucy: Sorry boss, what’s that?
Will: Did you see you’ve been nominated for a SEMMY?
Lucy: Way?
Will: Way, for your geo-location interview. Leonie has too.
[Leonie sticks her head out from behind her monitor]
Leonie: What’s that boss?
Will: [louder] You’ve been nominated for a SEMMY. For your blog post on the future of web design.
[Enter Tom, stage right, drop lighting to ‘atmospheric’. He’s eating an oatcake]
Tom: A SEMMY hey? Yeah, I got nominated last year... didn’t win...
[Meanwhile, Rob’s been silently tapping away, as is his way]
Rob: [with a giddy edge of ginger excitement] Wait a second.... Tom, you’ve been nominated too. For your ‘I can’t believe it’s not blackhat’ post.
Tom: [a small whimper of glee escapes]
Rob: And Will! Lessons in Monstering!
[By this time, all cast are on their feet and gathered together... a small voice pipes up]
Duncan: What about me?
[Silence. Thunder rolls in the distance.]

====== Close======

No animals were harmed in the making of this production, and Duncan’s had a cup of tea and is feeling much better.

Credits (in order of appearance)

Will Critchlow- Google
Lucy Langdon- Local Search
Leonie Wharton-Design and Usability
Tom Critchlow- Link Building
____________________ Theatrical humour aside, we’re all VERY grateful- thank you very much for the nominations. Please vote for us if we make it through to the finalists!

2009 SEMMY Nominee

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  1. Rob

    Whilst 'silently tapping away,' I was actually searching to see which SEOMoz posts had been nominated, not imagining that I'd find two more of Team Distilled listed!

    Congrats guys! (Now excuse me whilst I bathe in the reflected glory of my more linguistically adept colleagues.)

    reply >
  2. Congrats all. I did indeed have my cup of tea and can reflect upon what a good job we must have done recruiting :-)

    "Hire people who are better than you are, then leave them to get on with it" - David Ogilvy

    I love management quotes...

    "Never try to teach a pig to sing; it wastes your time and it annoys the pig." — Paul Dickson

    (Both via

    reply >
  3. congratulations guys! now where is the semmy badge so i can vote for you?

    reply >
  4. Congrats, gang! That poster worries me a little, though - are you building an army or something?

    reply >
  5. @david Thank you : ) No voting for the public as yet. We have to make it through to the shortlist first and it looks like VERY tough competition. Rest assured we'll be blogging about it if any of us do make it through though.

    @Dr Pete Ha, and this picture's old! Nice concept though...maybe I can convince Duncan we should go all out with swords and armour for our next team photo...

    reply >
  6. Classic! Brilliant pic there..
    On a serious note - congrats guys - good to see you getting nominated there! Good luck with it!

    reply >

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