Four SEMMY*’s And A Silence (with an 4 x award nominated cast)



An intrepid troupe of online adventurers journey through the Internet in search of search engine success, linkjuice love and traffic satisfaction.


Bill Murray : Will Critchlow (Director of Distilled)
Woody Allen : Duncan Morris (Director of Distilled)
Brad Pitt : Tom Critchlow (Head of Search)
Angelina Jolie : Lucy Langdon (Search Marketer)
Philip Seymour Hoffman : Rob Ousbey (Search Marketer)
Lisa Edelstien : Leonie Wharton (Designer)

Screenplay Excerpt

Act Two, Scene One

[Lucy is sitting behind her beautiful Mac. Will pokes his head round the corner]
Will: Mumble mumble mumble...
[Lucy removes her headphones]
Lucy: Sorry boss, what's that?
Will: Did you see you've been nominated for a SEMMY?
Lucy: Way?
Will: Way, for your geo-location interview. Leonie has too.
[Leonie sticks her head out from behind her monitor]
Leonie: What's that boss?
Will: [louder] You've been nominated for a SEMMY. For your blog post on the future of web design.
[Enter Tom, stage right, drop lighting to 'atmospheric'. He's eating an oatcake]
Tom: A SEMMY hey? Yeah, I got nominated last year... didn't win...
[Meanwhile, Rob's been silently tapping away, as is his way]
Rob: [with a giddy edge of ginger excitement] Wait a second.... Tom, you've been nominated too. For your 'I can't believe it's not blackhat' post.
Tom: [a small whimper of glee escapes]
Rob: And Will! Lessons in Monstering!
[By this time, all cast are on their feet and gathered together... a small voice pipes up]
Duncan: What about me?
[Silence. Thunder rolls in the distance.]

====== Close======

No animals were harmed in the making of this production, and Duncan's had a cup of tea and is feeling much better.

Credits (in order of appearance)

Will Critchlow- Google
Lucy Langdon- Local Search
Leonie Wharton-Design and Usability
Tom Critchlow- Link Building
____________________ Theatrical humour aside, we're all VERY grateful- thank you very much for the nominations. Please vote for us if we make it through to the finalists!

2009 SEMMY Nominee

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