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##How does a story appear in my feed, and what does this mean?

Of the millions of new blog posts written every day a small percentage of them may be about you. In order for one of these blog posts to have made it in and out of reputation monitor a number of things will have happened.

Firstly something in the blog post will mean that one of the feeds we monitor on your behalf picked this up for one of the phrases you chose to monitor. 99% of the time this will be because the blog posts mentioned one or more of the words in your search.

Next "we go and have a look" at the page to work out whether the page is actually about you. In many cases the phrase that meant it was picked up by the search doesn't mean it is actually about you. For example not every mention of the word apple means that it is about Apple computers. Reputation monitor grades each post on how likely we think it is to be about you.

You can choose what level of posts you want to see. For the ultra paranoid, you can see everything that we have found. For those of you with less time available to read all the garbage that gets generated from these searches you can just see pages that we are confident are about you.

###What happens if I share my name with someone famous?

If you share your name with a baseball player for example (e.g. Andy Beal and Andy Beal) then you might want to filter out pages that mention baseball. In this case you can just put a comma-separated list of words and phrases into the handy box (e.g. baseball, pitcher).

We recommend you don't enter anything into this box until you know for certain that you want to exclude it.

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