Facebook Has a Google Penalty?

So a few weeks ago I ran a little experiment where I allowed my facebook public profile to be indexed by the search engines, I dropped a few links to it (from this blog and from my Sphinn profile) and then watched it outrank my profile page on the Distilled site. I was shocked by how quickly it ranked and how highly it ranked (although after seeing wikipedia all over the place I can't say I was that surprised...).

Here's my first post about it

Here's my follow up after I'd spotted it ranking

And now, I just checked again (yeah, I'm vain. Deal with it.) and my facebook public listing is nowhere to be found. That's odd, I thought. Maybe Facebook has removed my public profile or perhaps it's fallen out of Google's index. I checked and nope, the page is still indexed and listed in the index.

A google.co.uk search for tom critchlow (my facebook page nowhere to be found)

A google.co.uk search for tom critchlow public profile (again, nowhere to be found)

A google.co.uk search for tom critchlow face book (you'd really think it'd be there for this one!)

A google.co.uk search for tom critchlow facebook (and now, proving that it is indexed and can still show for some queries here is my profile)

Now normally, to check and see if there is a penalty on a website's rankings you'd run some searches for exact phrases in the title tags of some of it's prominent pages. Unfortunately, I'm having difficulty finding an appropriate page to run searches on. The main facebook site still ranks for [facebook] and [face book].

Is there a penalty on Facebook? Do they care?! Well, probably not since they weren't taking advantage of this before (see my earlier post) but I still wouldn't be surprised if this resulted in a noticeable dip in traffic for them (assuming this happened across the board).

Anyone else have any public profiles indexed? Tried Googling yourself recently?

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