Dynamic Competitor Analysis - a4uexpo London Presentation by Sam Crocker

Right, so I don't know quite how I would liveblog my own presentation but I did think it was worth sharing my slide deck with folks. So here it is!

A4U Preso

I covered off competitor analysis with a focus on a few advanced tricks rather than focussing on the wider set of competitor analysis techniques. We've all heard plenty of talk around link profiing of competitors, trying to recreate their tactics and so on but I thought it was worth focussing a bit on some of the more dynamic/ongoing monitoring of competitor sites, but also paying attention to the potential to tap into your competitor's test sites (if they are silly and leave them vulnerable) and talked about how to make sure your site is locked down from evil-doers!

I spent a lot of time walking through setting up a headline aggregator from Google News (using Google Docs and XPATH) and did my first bit of live-coding (!) which didn't go half bad considering I am by no means a dev/coder. The other focus was taking advantage of downtime and expired content on competitor sites (because, let's be realistic defense doesn't win championships, it just protects your trophies... offense wins championships).

Not sure I want to share the exact XPATH I used so shame on you if you missed the session. My advice to you however would be to take the time to play around with XPATH and Google Docs to find out the secret powers of importXML :)

If you missed it this time around you can always check out my latest thoughts on Competitor Analysis at Distilled's PRO Seminar on Tuesday, October 26. I'll definitely have some new tips to focus in on and am planning on walking through some different angles so don't fret.

Thanks again to everyone who turned out bright and early this morning and checked out the Preso and thanks, as always, to the rest of the Distilled team for helping me prepare.

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