Distilled + SEOmoz = AWESOME

As I twittered earlier today:

> If you read one bit of news today, read this: SEOMoz + Distilled

The announcement has just gone out about our really exciting plans for working more closely with our great friends at SEOmoz. We are the first (and only planned) 'Global Associate' of SEOmoz and will be working with them on both their public facing site, some PRO services and client work.

Scott has written it all up better than I could hope to, so I suggest the best plan is to head over and read his post. The bit that sums up all of our thinking as much as I think possible is:

> We also think they're a great bunch of guys and we share very similar business philosophies.

Suffice it to say, the feeling's mutual.

Tom and I are going to be in Seattle for SMX Advanced and will no doubt be around the SEOmoz booth a fair bit (or find me on twitter) if anyone wants to grab me to discuss anything more.

PS Tom wanted the title of this post to be "Distilled acquires SEOmoz", but I thought I would stick with the truth given current controversy.

Update from Tom: Sean left a comment over on the moz which is just too good not to share:

Distilled team looking HAWT

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