Christmas Greetings from Distilled

Here at Distilled we have just had much merriment writing a poem to go on the Christmas (e) card we have just sent out to our clients.

Given the recent upgrade to our reputation monitoring tool we wanted to tie the poem into that. After much hilarity the following was what we came up with.

With mince pies, mulled wine, laughs and good times, Distilled are celebrating with short Christmas rhymes. So easy on the brandy to avoid heart palpitations, And be sure to monitor your online reputations.

There were many failed attempts at SEO related gags, which are now all on the cutting room floor (so to speak). You are of course welcome to steal and reproduce any of these gems and (please) take full credit for them.

SEO Flavoured Christmas Poems

When the wood has been chopped and the fire is smoking We hope Matt Cutts doesn’t spot you’ve been cloaking.

We hope your Mum doesn’t get you too dodgy a sweater, And we hope that your search engine rankings get better.

We are all looking forward to a Christmas of snow and whilst we are at it, for our bounce rate to stay low.

We hope you get all the presents you want, and more and we hope that Google gives you a great quality score.

Enjoy your Christmas, the tinsel and glitter Spend time with your family and stay off twitter

If you’ve finished the brandy and played all the games Why not teach your Gran how to buy great domains

There’s now no excuse if your gran is a n00b Even the Queen puts her speech on YouTube

Fun and laughter aside, everyone at Distilled wishes you all very happy Christmas.

So, with the bar well and truly lowered its your turn. Please do your worst in the comments.

Duncan Morris

Duncan Morris

Duncan founded Distilled with Will in 2005. He built the, now defunct website CMS from the ground-up, and consulted for some of the company’s first clients. Today Duncan leads the management team and helps to steer...   read more

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  1. Rob

    Duncan goaded me on; I couldn't help it, honestly. But I'm sure there still some more....
    To be honest, I struggling to think of any more SEM terms :(

    reply >
  2. Rob

    If you've had enough of doing the 'family' gig
    Then keep them distracted - introduce them to Digg.

    reply >
  3. Rob

    If your family are useless and still have to buy loads,
    Then ask them to use your affiliate codes.

    reply >
  4. Rob

    The best present this Christmas doesn't come in a box:
    You should show your folks how to install Firefox.

    reply >
  5. No fireplace, can't light a yule log
    Instead I upgraded my dad's WordPress blog

    (true story)

    reply >
  6. You can tell Distilled have reached beer o'clock
    oh when will this christmas time rhyming stop?

    reply >
  7. Nice rhymes, guys. Have a happy Christmas time as well!

    reply >
  8. How many beers do you guys have to drink before this project was done? Love it.

    reply >

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