10 Reasons Why I’m Attending ManchesterSEOGeekFest

Well top 10 lists seem to be even more in fashion than they usually are so it's about time I did one I reckon. If you haven't already heard about the SEO Meetup going down in Manchester on the 14th/15th September than you're probably not an SEO geek. I, however, have heard about the meetup and I am an SEO geek. So there.

For more info on the meetup see here: SEO Circuit Manchester Meetup.

##10 Reasons I'm attending

  1. It'll be cool to finally meet up with some SEO nerds. I mean Will and Duncan know all about SEO but they're always on about business-this, and making-money-that. I take pleasure in simply ranking a site number one. While I may never see my name written in neon lights on broadway, getting sites ranked in Google is a close second.
  2. It's in Manchester and I'm in Leeds, it'd be rude not to frankly!
  3. Distilled are paying :-)
  4. I might just be the youngest kid on the block (at a sprightly soon-to-be 24) and I wouldn't want to miss a chance to show those old-timers how it's done.
  5. It'll give me a chance to represent lolcats. LOLCATS4EVUR!!
  6. Down at a paltry number 6 on the list: I might even learn something about SEO (STOP PRESS!). While the aim is to be a social event, I'm sure there'll be a heady mix of SEO knowledge floating around the venue like a cloud of smoke just waiting for you to breathe it in.
  7. Brainstorming. We've got plenty of ideas here at Distilled which have nothing to do with client work (and often have very little to do with reality!) and by throwing ideas around I'm sure I'll come away full of crackpot schemes just waiting to be hatched.
  8. We're moving office soon (more on that later) and I seriously need to shift some business cards! Expect to be given more than one "for good measure" if you meet me! ;-)
  9. Everyone tells me that conferences and events like this are the places you meet real friends rather than simply facebook friends.
  10. Did I mention Distilled are paying?
I look forward to seeing everyone there, if you're going then look out for my ugly mug which you can see here.

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